Call The Midwife, Series Seven, Episode Seven ~ Review

Call The Midwife, wow what can be said except it was the most tear-jerking episode of the series so far! It’s hard to believe that Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) has gone and that we were given a few glimmers of hope throughout the episode before the tragic end came! What a traumatic viewing experience, yet absolutely brilliantly done as usual. My tears were rolling once Phyllis (Linda Bassett) finally lost her cool and let out all of her pent up emotion. Here’s the full review… (whilst I hiccup and sob some more):

Barbara seems better…

Barbara appears to be pulling through the Meningitis and Septicaemia, to the point where Phyllis is standing guard over her bed with a schedule for visitors and the staff looking after the poorly midwife are pleased with her progress. Tom (Jack Ashton) starts to talk about a different life away from midwifery where they could raise their own family. Everything appears to be positive…

Sister Monica Joan

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) is refusing to wear her spectacles and indeed to eat due to her sorrow for Barbara. It’s a relief to see her wearing her specs when she visits her treasured colleague and friend. Even a brief scene like that. Judy Parfitt can make her own in the most marvellous way – what a terrific actress.


Lucille’s (Leonie Elliott) faith is very much at the centre of this week’s episode and it’s apt in a way, considering later events. It shows another side to Lucille’s character and gave another fine opportunity for Leonie Elliott to show us what she’s capable of, Lucille is fast becoming a favourite of mine. I’m so glad she found her place of worship in the end.

Shelagh to the rescue

With a midwife down, Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) is keen to call in Shelagh (Laura Main) to save the day. I wonder if Shelagh might return to her previous profession now she’s had a taste for it again. I do enjoy watching her in her rightful place as a midwife.

Farewell to a much loved character

The lift that Barbara’s health took was a smoke-screen as she succumbed to her illness in the end. I’m devastated at the loss of such a fantastic character and I will miss Charlotte Ritchie. It was heart breaking to watch Tom saying goodbye, yet somehow even harder to watch Phyllis deal with it. RIP Barbara, you’ll be much missed by more than just I, you’re the talk of Twitter!



Call The Midwide, Series Seven, Episode Six ~ Review

A little late with this review, what an episode of Call The Midwife it was though – I’ve had plenty of time to reflect upon the journey it took us on. Lulled into a false sense of security when Phyllis (Linda Bassett) was safe after the shop fire, only to be flung into a state of panic (well, I’m in a panic anyway!) about Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) and her sudden illness – here are a handful of highlights from a busy instalment:

Eye’ll be seeing you

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) is going ‘under the knife’ and she’s beside herself for more than one reason. Another patient in the ward is to chatty for her liking and her nerves are more than getting the better of her. Until after the event when her strength finds its way and she comes into her own again – marvellous scenes from such a talented actress.


When there’s a fire in the local shop Barbara (Charlotte Ritchie) and Phyllis (Linda Bassett) are quick to dash in to wake the family who have newly moved in. Barbara escapes with every head in tow, except for Phyllis…

Fears for Phyllis

Was your heart in your mouth? Phyllis is one of my favourite characters and I was beside myself with worry! As was Barbara, the thought of her best friend being trapped in the burning building is one she’s not prepared to be faced with. However, its a happy ending when her friend emerges, fairly unscathed bar some smoke inhalation. Phew!

Barbara’s bug

Except phew isn’t the over-riding feeling for long when Barbara appears to have a flu bug and she’s tucked up in bed. This time it’s Phyllis’s turn to worry over her as she raises the alarm to Dr Turner (Stephen McGann) that Barbara has more than merely a cold. The stiff neck and inability to move her head is the first clue – something serious is going on! Noooooooooo!

June Watson

As a final note, I want to add what a great actress and a fantastic choice to play the fellow inpatient with Sister Monica Joan. She and Judy Parfitt played opposite each other deliciously in a masterclass de force. Glorious scenes. I saw June Watson in a play called Road at Royal Court Theatre, London – she was phenomenal and stole the show. If she could make a come back for Sister Monica Joan’s second eye operation, I’d be over the moon!!

Call The Midwife, Series Seven, Episode Five ~ Review

Call the Midwife – there’s always something to cry about, I say it every week and this episode was no different. Jam packed full of emotional exchanges and scenes so beautifully filmed that each one made an impact. Here’s my personal highlights of one of my favourite episodes to date:

Picnic Panic

Violet’s (Annabelle Apsion) planning a communal outing for a picnic and in her usual panic about getting everything just right. Thankfully it’s a great success and what a gorgeous setting it was too! I loved Fred (Cliff Parisi) putting the signage on the poster the wrong way up!

Small Pox (or is it?)

When Ade Babaaro (Jordan Peters) goes into hiding having been thrown off the boat he was working aboard, he’s quick to stop anybody from touching him in case he’s infecting them with Small Pox. When Reggie (Daniel Laurie) find him and decides to take pity on him, Fred and Violet are anxious in case he’s caught it. However, when Phyllis (Linda Bassett) draws Ade’s whereabouts out of Reggie, she soon discovers that the suspected Small Pox is Leprosy. Cue a mission to get the right help and a cure for the poor chap!


Learning that fear of giving birth is called Tokophobia in one of the most harrowing yet exceptional scenes ever was one of the absolute highlights of the episodes for me. Brilliant, I can’t articulate it any clearer than that!

Seeing the light

Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt) has her operation scheduled for her cataract removal, I can’t help but feel that this storyline will make for more tear-jerking moments yet. There’s nobody better than Judy Parfitt to carry this story, either.

Barbara’s Back!

Barbara’s (Charlotte Ritchie) back to stay! That made the episode complete for me, one of my favourite characters and Richie is an amazing actress. Exciting times!

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