Casualty ‘Fear’ ~ Episode Review

Rita’s (Chloe Homan) back, albeit temporarily,  Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is burying her feelings following last week’s bombshell, and the road back to relationship-ville is not a simple one for Connie (Amanda Mealing) and Jacob (Charles Venn). Meanwhile Dylan (Will Beck) is getting in touch with his paternal side!

This week’s episode of Casualty was packed with realisation for some of our favourite characters and there’s a superb guest appearance from actress, Julie Peasgood. The storyline for Ms Peasgood’s character kicks off with an impalement of her new lover and ex husband. Awkward! It’s down to Elle (Jaye Griffiths) and her team to try and save both men, however, regardless of the seriousness of the situation, revelations are made that make the overall outcome of the accident a fait accompli. Louise (Azuka Oforka) has a meltdown, which we don’t really get to the bottom of, which forces her into a frank exchange with Rita regarding the mess with Iain.

Rita’s back…. and then she’s off again!


Meanwhile, Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is far from embroiled in the turmoil of last week’s episode, she assists Lily (Crystal Yu) in getting to the bottom of a nine year old girl’s mystery condition. Crystal’s abilities are put to the test and the able Junior Doctor wins through, not without a decent amount of meddling from Robyn, though!

Connie and Jacob are planning to have dinner, but once again, Grace (Emily Carey) has take priority and Connie doesn’t let her daughter down. Much to Jacob’s dismay, though. We also have yet another glimpse into the relationship which exists between Jacob and Elle. The mere fact that they refer to each other as ‘pudding’ and ‘pancake’ indicates that their past runs much deeper.

Then there’s Dylan, he’s literally left holding the baby as he struggles (initially) to settle his baby half-sister with not much help from Max (Jamie Davis). A different side is shown to Dr Keogh’s character yet again and for that, I thank the writers! More of that, please!

Sorry to see Rita go off on her travels, but let’s hope she comes back and she’s back to her old self. Poor Charlie (Derek Thompson) is having to find an agency nurse, I wonder who that might be….?

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Casualty ‘What Lies Beneath’ ~ Episode Review

I must admit that this week I was completely embroiled in the storylines that surrounded the central characters, as opposed to the medical emergencies – oops!! However, I suspect that the script was leading me in that direction so I don’t feel too guilty for expressing that!

I think all viewers have been thinking along the same lines when it comes to Rita (Chloe Howman), and this week her lies have finally caught up with her and caught her out. She has already blackened the name of her ex, Mark, and Iain (Michael Stevenson) is led to believe that Rita’s black eye is also his handiwork. Naturally, Iain is disgusted when he learns the truth and Rita is also forced to admit that her car damage was not Mark’s fault, either. It seems any friendship left between the pair is effectively over. What I’ve particularly enjoyed during this plot has been the character development for Iain, Michael Stevenson has brought out some new dimensions to the Paramedic and I can see this fall out with Rita leading him down a dark path.

Rita’s lost Iain for good. Has she lost the respect of her colleagues, too?


So, while one couple’s relationship looks to be beyond repair, another couple of reconciling! Fans of Connie (Amanda Mealing) and Jacob (Charles Venn) have whooped for joy to see the no-nonsense Consultant and self-assured nurse seemingly back on track. Jacob’s presentation day the ‘gun-shot policy’ is looming and he isn’t as confident about it as we have come to know one of our favourite nurses to be. However, with Mrs Beauchamp’s daughter more interested in her own little bubble and friends, the love-torn Consultant is setting her sights firmly back on her nurse. Whether the couple will be back to behaving like strangers again by the time we get to the next episode? That remains to be seen, but I hope not, the chemistry between them is undeniable and Amanda Mealing works brilliantly with Charles Venn, in my opinion.

Overall, this episode lacked the impact of the previous weeks, but as that was 1000th episode, I think all can be forgiven!

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