Power Monkeys Episode Six ~ Channel Four

So we reach the final episode of Power Monkeys, Channel Four’s EU Referendum-based comedy series. There were a number of highlights in the final instalment, Spencer’s (played by Kevin McNally) wedding with the missing bride being one of them. Although I have missed the No Thank EU brigade being based on their bus and I definitely missed Spencer’s waistcoat, this week! Still, there’s no denying that the poor b*gger has wound up married to a Visa grabber.

The tale of the Tories ended in tears – ironically!

Life in Putin’s camp is both hilarious and mysterious at the same time, with the imminent demise of Alexi (Alec Utgoff) being the central storyline there, his disappearance leaves Oleg (Ben Willbond) confused and a bit scared!

Brett (Robert Wilfort) has been fired from his job with team Trump, meanwhile, the bewildered Trump supporter dared to pause before he concurred with his boss that they were going to win. Bea (Ayda Field) is quite delighted with her execution of Trump’s orders, but she ends up with egg on her face at the end of the programme!

The Tory party are possibly the most entertaining, though, Sara (Claire Skinner) turns violent and attacks Preeya (Archie Panjabi), Oliver (Jack Dee) and Tony (Anthony Calf) which does distract from her rumbling stomach, somewhat! Ruby (Liz Kingsman) predictably rocks up after the main drama is over.

It’s been a witty and highly observational series with a fantastic cast and a clever script writing team. Despite my initial thoughts, I’ll be sad to see the back of Power Monkeys.

Photo credits: Channel Four


Power Monkeys Episode Five ~ Channel Four

The penultimate episode of the EU referendum based comedy show, the second episode that is set post-result was a little disappointing. The main reasons being that the entertaining news came to fruition the day after the programme aired! If Boris Johnson’s announcement had been known on the day the show was edited? I feel sure that this episode would have been nothing short of epic!

The No Thank EU crew are off the bus, now and taking part in a pub quiz, where Spencer (Kevin McNally) is declaring those who are in the running for Prime Minister or England Football Manager to be a variety of expletives. However, for the Brexiteers, this instalment centre around the back stories of the characters. Jackie (Gwyneth Keyworth) is on the cusp of breaking the bad news to Spencer, that his fiancée is cheating on him. She does the deed, amongst a swift change of quiz answer referring to the Kardashians! Poor Spencer!

On the Tory side, Sara (Claire Skinner) is still mithering about her one night stand with Tony (Anthony Calf) and trigger words which are still emulating from the mouth of Oliver (Jack Dee). Ruby (Liz Kingsman) is still blissfully ignorant with no awareness of much at all, other than a possible attraction to Tony, which is another reason for alarm for the hapless Sara.

Power Monkeys
Claire Skinner as Sara and Anthony Calf as Tony – Photo credit: Channel Four


Putin’s aides are in uproar, they are adamant that meerkats are not from Russia and they still don’t know the whereabouts of the Russian football manager, either!

Meanwhile, aboard the Trump jet, Brett (Robert Wilfort) is simpering about being able to work for Trump, while Lauren (Amelia Bullmore) is continually losing the will to be involved with the campaign. Most of the hilarity is still emitted from the jet, in my humble opinion, but maybe that’s because the wannabe President is such a figure of fun and therefore provides plenty of material for the script.

The final episode promises to be the best yet, following yesterday’s announcement. I wait with baited breath, and grudgingly, will be sorry to see the back of Power Monkeys.

Power Monkeys Episode Four ~ Channel Four

Post-vote episode and Priya  (Archie Panjabi) from the Brexit bus has offered Michael Gove a blow job! Or more accurately, Spencer (Kevin McNally) has managed to get hold of her unlocked phone, and what with him still being drunk (on cider, probably!) there is nothing but mischief ensuing.

In the other camp, Oliver (Jack Dee) ironically, has bet on Brexit’s triumph and won (in sterling!). Ruby (Liz Kingsman) is clueless as ever and hasn’t even voted!

Power Monkeys
The No Thank EU Bus celebrate Brexit’s win! Credit: Channel Four

The episode was mostly dominated by the Brexit bus, unsurprisingly, with Priya looking forward to becoming a government minister and Spencer’s outlandish insinuations about those who have voted to remain. The team aboard the bus have become a tight comedy foursome and they’ve collectively grown on me over the course of the series so far.

The Tories are preparing for Priya’s return, which is not looking likely to be welcomed and I have enjoyed the continual recurrence of the bitterness felt by Sara (Claire Skinner) in relation to the one night stand with Tony.

Trump’s jet has landed in Scotland, bewildered Brett (Robert Wilfort) is in his own bubble as usual, this time he has been spotted flamenco dancing by Trump. He’s also had a row with the printer and is blaming the Chinese for their workmanship. The partnership between Wilfort and Bullmore has fast become a partnership to be reckoned with. The Trump jet remains my firm favourite, overall.

Two episodes left to go and I am won over, this viewer will be sorry to wave goodbye to the monkeys, even though my initial reaction wasn’t as bananas as I had anticipated.

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