Highlights of 2018

I’m late with last year’s highlights but suffice to say that 2018 was a fantastic year for shows of all genres. A great mix was on offer for Entertainment Views to attend and there have been so many wonderful memories made along the way. Here are just a few of the stand-out opportunities I had…

Iolanthe (ENO)

Gilbert & Sullivan’s operettas have been on my radar for years and I’ve watched many of them, however I had never seen Iolanthe nor the wonderful ENO performing one of their famous operettas. So – the chance to see Iolanthe performed by the ENO at London’s Coliseum was too good a chance to miss. With Yvonne Howard giving an outstanding performance as the Fairy Queen and a cast de force, all I can say is bring on its return! Iolanthe Review

Hotel Transylvania 3

What a movie! My movie of the year for sure! If you’ve never seen the other movies in the franchise it doesn’t matter, you can dive into this one and soon get the gist of the hilarious plot and get to know the madcap characters. A great film for grown ups as well as kids.

Falstaff (Garsington Opera)

Opera is one of my new loves and Falstaff was one of my first experiences of a non-operetta style. It starred Yvonne Howard who (as you already know) is one of my all-time favourite performers and Henry Waddington was exceptional in the lead title role. Garsington offers beautiful surroundings and a unique setting – I hope to return this summer.  Falstaff Review

Falstaff by Verdi;
Garsington Opera at Wormsley;
13 June 2018;
Sir John Falstaff – Henry Waddington;
Conductor – Richard Farnes;
Director – Bruno Ravella;
Designer – Giles Cadle;
Lighting Designer – Malcolm Rippeth;
Movement Director – Tim Claydon;
Photo credit: © CLIVE BARDA/ArenaPAL;

Coventry Comic Con

One of my favourite Comic Cons returned for its second year and it was a glorious set-up as expected. Plenty of stalls, activities and cosplayers as well as a great spacious layout. Our who family love this one and can’t wait to go again this year. Coventry Comic Con Review

Blood Brothers

I adore Blood Brothers, it’s one of my all-time favourite musicals and for the past couple of years one of the best actresses (in my humble opinion) has been playing Mrs Lyons and understudying the role of Mrs Johnstone – the brilliant Sarah-Jane Buckley. I was lucky enough to see the show a few times in 2018 and look forward to seeing it again this year, although a few cast changes are afoot… Here’s one of my latest reviews: Blood Brothers Review

This Morning Live! 

I am a huge fan of This Morning and for those who know me well, you’ll be aware that I am also a massive fan of Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes. In Birmingham we’re really lucky to have the This Morning Live! show at the NEC and it was a superb experience. From shopping to cooking masterclasses to meeting the presenters themselves (I only managed to meet Alison Hammond this time around but she is amazing and so lovely) – I couldn’t recommend the show more. This Morning Live! Review

Sixties Gold Show

I’ve long been a fan of The Searchers and I’ve supported them on solo tours on many an occasion – however this was the first Sixties Gold tour I’d been to. It was one of the biggest highlights of my reviewing year and I’m really looking forward to the next one. It was such an amazing night, buzzing! Sixties Gold Tour Review

BBC Good Food Show

I’ve been interested in going to the BBC Good Food Show for years, I finally grabbed the opportunity to attend their winter show and it was everything I hoped it would be! I’m looking forward to attending the summer show this year. BBC Good Food Show

Claire Richards solo gig

I adore Steps, I have so many favourites from among their epic back-catalogue, however I am also loving Claire Richards as a solo artist. She’s got such a powerful voice and her versatility knows no bounds. A superb gig at Birmingham Town Hall showcased her talent, the album is out very soon and my review of her gig is here: Claire Richards Review

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Malvern Theatres)

Malvern Theatres has long been top of my list of midlands-based theatres and their production of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was a brilliant cornucopia of mad-cap stereotypical panto antics. Su Pollard was a revelation and stole the show. A well deserved five stars! Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Review

The Future of Entertainment Views

On a final note, I wanted to update all of my valued readers and subscribers on the direction that 2019 will most likely see my small corner of the internet, taking. You can find a bit about this particular rambling on my https://entertainmentviews.co.uk/about/ but I wanted to use this post to chat a bit more about blogging and me. As an established blogger juggling a young family as well as having a bash at hanging on to a day job too, I’m often asked all of the questions I’m about to answer…


In 2013 I branched out as an independent theatre blogger, reviewing shows at the local theatres I’d built up a relationship with on behalf of an established review site which sadly no longer exists. Break A Leg Review was born at around the same time as I discovered I was pregnant so my progress was slow to begin with, although I kept up with it as much as possible. I worked full time in a day job with the NHS and my morning sickness was as backwards as I can be, in that it appeared in the evenings!


I was reviewing in and around the West Midlands as that’s where I’m based and I had managed to secure a place on press lists at most of the theatres that I frequent. In 2015 I was lucky enough to connect with London theatres and due to suggestions from the various people I was interviewing, meeting and liaising with – I added movie and television reviews to the mix as well as music too. My blog took off in ways I could never have imagined during that year.


I made the decision to reach out to London theatres (and many other venues around the UK) as well as add other types of review to my blog because I had become a mum in 2014. That’s the quick answer. Becoming a mum changed my life in thousands of ways. To begin with, I was so consumed by the tiny little boy in my life that I considered giving up my blog. However, having returned to my day job on a part time basis while I searched for a different career that would suit motherhood and the juggling, I was considering blogging and therefore working from home, as a viable option. I ended up in another NHS job working unsociable hours instead, however so draining on my mental health was this new job, that it became even more of a goal to be able to work from home.


I took yet another NHS job to keep the bank account happy and which made my mental health happier (for a limited period of time!) and worked hard throughout 2016 to try my hand at other things such as social media management and website creations. I might have been working part time in the NHS but with my other work (blog included) mounting up – it felt like the right time to take the plunge and work solely from home. Timing was good as 2017 was my little boy’s last full year at nursery before he started school in 2018.


Truthfully, it worked for a while and was even enjoyable at times. I branched out into entertainment PR and dabbled in many areas. However, what I learned was that working from home and making a career out of blogging is not my thing. I still love to blog of course, but I don’t want my blog to be the be all and end all. The family dynamics change once your little one goes to school too. I found I couldn’t just pop off to London and I didn’t want to. I lose 6 hours a days for 5 days a week of my lad’s company during term time and I love being able to drop him off at school and pick him up. The smile on his face when I’m waiting at his classroom door is more moving than any theatrical performance I’ve reviewed.

What’s Next?

2018 saw me start another job with the NHS (it’s what I know!) and that works at the moment. I like leaving the house to go to work and although it’s been a slightly awkward transition for my boy as he got used to me being at home, we’re all getting on with it.

2019 sees me being less of a critic and more of a cheerleader as I share all my positive experiences with you. I also have a few new ventures on the horizon which will hopefully help my much-desired career changes to take shape – but at the heart of everything are my boys – my husband and my son.

Have you tried to combine blogging with parenthood and career juggling? I’d love to hear about your experiences too! 

Collectormania 25 (Showmasters) ~ NEC, Birmingham

Showmasters run numerous events throughout the year, check out all the details here and book your tickets for their upcoming shows: Showmasters Events

Comic Cons are a must for Entertainment Views, we’d not attended a Showmasters event previously – however this show had so much to offer, we’ll be regulars from now on.

With an astronomical number of star guests signing their lives away for fans as well as posing for photographs with their eager followers, a wide variety of stalls offering memorabilia overload and some props that were out of this world – Collectormania was the place to be last weekend.

If you need any more reasons to go, here are some highlights which might twist your arm:

  1. Guest Stars – the sheer number of guest stars astounds me even now the show is over. From Richard Wilson from One Foot in the Grave (I don’t believe it!), to stars from Wrestling and Sports, there is somebody for everybody and too much choice, in fact. Where else would you get the opportunity to have your photograph taken with six ex-Liverpool football legends? Remember Danny Glover from Lethal Weapon? He was there answering questions on the main stage (a fascinating man to listen to) and meeting and greeting fans back out in the hall. There’s always more to a Comic Con than meeting celebrities, but this event really makes the most of as many fandoms as they can muster.
  2. Organisation – the crew and staff are plentiful, helpful and want everybody to have a good time. From queue control to directing fans to their desired area in the hall – these stewards are the best in the business and deserve all the praise they can take.
  3. Shopping! Comic Cons are the perfect place to find the items you didn’t know you needed in your life – or that you may not have even known about before. I often keep my eyes peeled for gifts, dealer will often give a cheeky offer or two. I am delighted with my Masters of the Universe tshirt, it is one of the best finds I’ve ever happened upon whilst in shipping mode at a Comic Con. Make sure you’ve got plenty of pennies so you don’t have to walk away from must-haves!
  4. Props galore – If cars are your bag then there were a few to get up close and personal with. From the famous blue car belonging to the Weasleys in Harry Potter to a rather cool Batman car which I think we’d have brought home if nobody had been looking! Jurassic Park was also represented which was excellent timing with the next film in the franchise about to be released. Meanwhile, if you fancy yourself as 007, why not stand next to his wheels?
  5. Family Friendly Fun  – Comic Cons are increasingly becoming popular with families, small and big kids alike can enjoy a convention and at Entertainment Views we’ve been asked for advice from many fellow parent pals about which is the best convention to start off with as their toddler would surely love this genre of event (and so would they!). Our little boy is in his element with cosplayers, in the image below he met a few furries who were game for a giggle. We’ll be recommending Collectormania as a perfect place to start, with friendly staff who go above and beyond and more famous faces than you can think of under one roof, it’s been a pleasure, Showmasters! See you soon….


Bags of Bags for Movie Fans

When I visit the various Comic Cons that Entertainment Views are privileged to be asked to review, the merchandise is one of the first directions I head in! With limited space for all the Funko Pops in the world that I would love to home and the same being said for the action figures which I’ve not outgrown – tshirts and bags win the shopping list ‘game’ and I often return to Entertainment Views HQ with at least one new bag. As a TV and Movie fan, I’m always on the look out for a rare item and if I can grab a bargain I’m an even happier fan girl! These are the types of bags I check out while I’m out and about at enjoying a convention:

Messenger & Cross Body Bags

When I’m out for work purposes and have a notepad, tablet, mobile phone and a pencil case of some description to satisfy my stationery ‘fetish’ – I need something that will carry all those things safely. Also, because this is me we’re talking about, some geekery needs to creep in. Minions is a winner, I love the Despicable Me films and think that Minions are one of the most inspired ‘cartoon’ characters. I’m also a self-confessed Disney fan and can’t bypass an opportunity to own a new Disney bag when the moment calls for it. Mickey and Minnie Mouse are definite must-have characters on my best-loved style of bags.

Toiletry Bags

If I can add a little Disney magic to my toiletry department’ then I’m all for a toiletry bag which features a character from one of my favourite films. I’m also not opposed to Peter Rabbit as he reminds me of my childhood and I love the latest film release. Toiletry bags are a vital part of my luggage and with entertainment review requests coming far and wide from across the UK – I’m on the road often.

Lunch Bags

With a four year old to please on days out, and who is also due to start school full-time in September this year, I am always on the search for new lunch bags. He’s a Super Heroes fan so a Marvel Comics option always goes down well (see picture for one of his favourites).

Comic Con Shopping

I love to come away with merchandise from a Comic Con, it’s one of my musts and as a TV and Film memorabilia shopaholic I’d be disappointed to leave empty handed.

However, what I have discovered is that I can also find all of my and my son’s favourite characters featured on bags on a variety of websites via www.latestdeals.co.uk

So although I love a good hunt around a TV and Movie event, I’m also excited to have discovered an online hideaway which is showing more offers on bags than my husband can ‘handle’ me owning (pardon the pun!).


Photos: C/o Amazon

Wales Comic Con ~ Wrexham

On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th April, Wales Comic Con hosted their first ever weekend, and it rocked!

Wrexham Glyndwr University was the venue and it was perfect, there were various indoor areas to check out, where you purchase merchandise or hanker your dream item! The rooms used for the various panel sessions were well laid out with great capacity and it was a coup to be able to sit on the front row because we were present as press. It makes such a difference when there is no hassle to get a seat in a panel you intend to cover. There was also plenty of activity going on outdoors including the presence of Lightning McQueen, available to sit in at no charge (he was quite something to see!) and owls and reptiles to say hello to.

UK Garrison were present to keep a watchful eye over proceedings, they make a Comic Con for me and Chewbacca never ceases to amaze me, he is spot on. If you want to start a Star Wars costume of your own, see these guys!

Not only was the layout of the event excellent and easy to navigate, but the organisation was also second to none. The team could not be faulted from how they handled queues to get into the event overall, to organising lines to go into the panel sessions.


Photograph above: actor Mark Ryan (R) with Break A Leg Reviewer (aka my husband) Garry McWilliams (L)

There was a huge number of celebrities available for signings and not many cancellations before or on the day. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones this was certainly the Con for you! Also present were John Challis and Sue Holderness, aka Boycie and Marlene from Only Fools And Horses, Mark Ryan from Transformers and Black Sails, plus Doctor Who Doctors Sylvester McCoy and Peter Davison. Star Wars creature actors, Kiran Shah, Arti Shah and Paul Warren were also on hand to sign autographs and have selfies taken with fans.

The two panels that I attended, Star Wars and Doctor Who were both extremely entertaining and informative. I won’t look at the creatures in Star Wars the same way again! Plus any Doctor Who panel session is worth attending that has Sylvester McCoy present, he was the highlight of the con for me, extremely funny guy. The Star Wars panel covered everything from the appearance of Mark Hamill on set, to the process involved when a creature actor is filmed. While the Doctor Who panel consisted of an avoidance of the question about the new companion(!) and a live email to Stephen Moffat  from Peter Davison. Gemma Redgrave was on hand to keep the boys in check and her eyes lit up at the thought of taking on the role of a female Doctor Who!

I attend a number of comic cons and I have to say, Wales, this one takes some beating! I can’t wait for next time. Guest feedback from the signing area was so positive and look out for my interviews with Mark Ryan and Mark Addy (Game of Thrones).




Break A Leg Review Interview: Samantha Kent

Interviewed by Helen McWilliams

unnamed1 unnamed

Pictures above are of Samantha Kent and are be credited to Liberty Chapeau (Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/craftycosplay)

Since we began attending MCM Expo comic cons on a regular basis, our interest in Cosplay has piqued, and we were curious to find out more about the people who attend the events in costume. We met Samantha at MCM Expo in November 2014 when she very kindly cleared the way for us to enter the theatre for the Q & A session with actor, Tom Felton (not an easy feat when we were negotiating our child’s pushchair at the time!). Thanks for allowing us to interview you, Samantha.

So, how long have you been Cosplaying for and what started the interest?

I have always enjoyed dressing up ever since I can remember.  I’ve got photos of me age 2 in costumes my mum handmade for me. Before that mum had other costumes she’s made for me as did my nan who at one point worked for Disney.  Ever since I was old enough I would make myself costumes from black bags and sellotape, mostly witchy costumes.  I never grew out of costumes and on all my birthdays throughout my teens I asked my guests to come in costumes.

Are there any characters you’ve wanted to Cosplay as that haven’t worked out?

Hmm that’s a tricky one. Every costume has had its issues, the white witch was a pretty awkward one, we tried to add one hoop to my scooter and add material to make it look like a carriage but it got thoroughly battered by big crowds at the convention. Rita Skeeter was hard when  trying to make it suit my figure. As a plus size woman not all characters I want to Cosplay suit my size or figure but thankfully I’ve got a good attitude and confidence towards my body, so if my body is unable to do something I will find a way to do it. I’ve a disability so great friends and doctors are to thank for the attitude I have. I thoroughly believe Cosplay is for everyone regardless of skill, size, ability, ethnic background etc.

Who is your favourite character to Cosplay?

 I really enjoy displaying Harry Potter characters but one of my favourite characters is one I created my self.  I’m a huge fan of Anne Rice and love the romanticism or pre-revolution French fashion. So I mixed both to make a character that had a back story that mixed both. I named her Madame du Barry who was a real woman she was the courtesan to king Louis when Married Antoinette married his Grand son.  However I made a story where as a regular prostitute in the time of the plague she was bitten by a customer who was a vampire but because he hadn’t intended to bite her he gave her eternal life and disappeared.  My plan originally was to make a series of short stories where I would use real life prostitutes who had a big effect on society in history, although I’d make them funny stories but I haven’t got around to it. The costume ended up being a big brilliant costume and even won second place in a Cosplay contest at the vampire ball where it was judged by cast, make up artists and other people who worked in the production of Joss Whedon’s ‘Buffy’ and ‘Angel’ series. So that costume means a lot to me.

Have you a most memorable Comic Con moment you can share with us?

The two that have meant the most to me were both MCM conventions. The earlier of the two was London, Daniel Radcliffe was doing a special promotion for his film “Horns” my best friend who also helps me out at cons as my carer had fallen ill so I had to do it on my on and navigating London alone was a huge adventure for me. I hadn’t realised that on Fridays the convention opened later than the weekend so I had about 12 hours to try entertain myself, booked an early coach to make sure I was first in the queue as the Radcliffe autograph tickets were exceptionally limited. So I spent the day in the museums but it was the same day the science museum had opened a social media exhibit and the Queen had gone to open it and do her ‘first tweet’ I was dragged to the front of the crowd due to the mobility scooter but I was just trying to find the tube station!  All the day’s excitement took its toll on my scooter battery so when I joined the queue for the lottery to get a wrist band the scooter battery died and I  ended up crawling around on my hands and knees four times. I’m not sure if on the last occasion I actually pulled out a winning ticket or if some one took sympathy on me because I had a wrist band slapped on right away.

The other time was when I went to Comic Con in my home town because Tom Felton was there. I had emailed ahead in reply to a tweet he had sent asking super fans to get in contact. To my shock and awe he was interested in talking to me.  Although the footage never made it to the TV show, I was interviewed by him. It was one if the most surreal moments of my life especially as before I fell ill I was studying to be a journalist and was used to being the one asking the questions. My life has certainly taken a run for the better since I got into the Comic Con scene

What would you say to encourage the people who want to Cosplay but can’t get the nerve to do it?

I have all the physical attributes of a person who should have low confidence:  acne, over-weight, disabled, covered in scars and regularly visit counsellors and psychologists. However, one thing in my life I don’t lack is confidence.  It’s not an easy thing or something that comes naturally to everyone and for that I’m afraid I can’t give any advice however, I find when it comes to Cosplay the longer you spend perfecting an outfit and the more you love the character you wish to Cosplay the less you will be scared or nervous.  People always worry about what people say about their costumes but I’ve not come across a bad word even when my costume has been less than perfect.  If you love it, do it, there is nothing to lose if you enjoy it.  When I have bad flare ups of my health following conventions I feel much better about it if I can say it was all worth it.

Favourite things (quick fire questions):

Favourite film?

The Patriot (Mel Gibson, Heath Ledger and Jason Isaacs of course)

Favourite actor/actress?

Jason Issacs

Favourite venue for Comic Con?

London Excel

Favourite television programme?

Hollyoaks…. Shhh I mean ERM Sherlock, Hollyoaks is my guilty pleasure in life I love the ‘who dunnit’ stories.

Favourite quotation?

Adam Ant “I dress funny it’s what I do for a living” and the oh so apt “ridicule is nothing to be scared of”

Break A Leg Review Interview: Ian Blyth

Interviewed by Helen McWilliams

unnamed3 unnamed2

The pictures above show a couple of examples of Ian’s work and credited to him.

Since we began attending MCM Expo Comic Cons on a regular basis, our interest in cosplay has piqued, and we were curious to find out more about the people who attend the events in costume. Ian Blyth was recommended to us as a favourite cosplayer, so here’s the interview that he kindly agreed to. Thanks Ian!

So, how long have you been Cosplaying for and what started the interest? 

I’ve been costuming for about 4 years now, I started getting into the community solely as a photographer, but it looked so much fun that I decided to throw my hat in and start making costumes myself… I started with a relatively simple 10th Doctor costume, and moved on to more complicated costumes almost immediately.

Are there any characters you’ve wanted to Cosplay as that haven’t worked out?

A few, the main one being Jackie Estacado, it’s a costume I would utterly love to do, but currently the costume is beyond my technical abilities sadly.

Who is your favourite character to Cosplay?

Tough choice, currently I’d say the Goblin King from Labyrinth, villains are so much fun to work with!

Have you a most memorable Comic Con moment you can share with us?

Well I’d say one of my most memorable moments was having my costume posted and talked about by the writers of Doctor Who / Torchwood after an LFCC convention. Though the Twitter posts were more focused on some… ahem, attributes, of Jareth, as I’d forgotten to wear a dance belt under the tight leggings. Quite embarrassing to have some famous writers discussing my ‘junk’ and congratulating me on it publically on Twitter.

What would you say to encourage the people who want to Cosplay but can’t get the nerve to do it?

Just jump into it, honestly, costuming is so much fun, and building the costumes, working around the technical side and design work, and then wearing the finished product and bringing the character to life… there’s nothing else like it!

Favourite Things (quick fire questions):

Favourite film?

Pump up the Volume

Favourite actor/actress?

Yvonne Craig

Favourite venue for Comic Con?

Excel London

Favourite television programme?

The West Wing

Favourite quotation?

“They say I’m disturbed. Well, of course I’m disturbed. I mean, we’re all disturbed. And if we’re not, why not? Doesn’t this blend of blindness and blandness want to make you do something crazy? Then why not do something crazy? It makes a helluva lot more sense than blowing your f*cking brains out.” ~ Mark Hunter (PutV)

MCM Expo – NEC, Birmingham


20141122_112602[1] IMG_118898868463489[1]

Reviewed by Helen and Garry McWilliams

MCM Expo at the NEC, Birmingham was a fabulous joy to behold and scheduling it post-Halloween and Bonfire night makes for great timing as the highlight of the autumn calendar for Cosplayers, gamers and film/TV fans alike. If this con was anything to go by, we’d say that the number of Cosplayers has increased and long may it do so – we’re considering joining in next time, too.

The downside of this particular event was that we could only stay for Saturday, so we missed out on some promising talks on the Sunday. To give you a flavour of the line-up, there was an opportunity to join the cast and crew of upcoming movie “The Call Up”, a Q&A session with voice actor, Todd Haberkorn, and a panel for the 50th anniversary celebration of ‘Goldfinger’. All of that and much more, and that was just on Sunday!

On Saturday, our visit got off to a tremendous start with various members of UK Garrison meeting and greeting outside the hall. Mostly Stormtroopers at this particular point, they were all resplendent in their gear, spot on as usual. These guys are an asset to conventions and we feel it wouldn’t be MCM Expo without them. The layout of the event was well planned, plenty of room for manoeuvring a buggy (our youngest and newest member of the team joined us, this year!) and it was an ingenious idea to allow the Steampunk area to stand out upon entry. The Victorian Steampunk Society, who have been part of MCM London for 11 Comic Cons were immediately visible and packed a great programme into the two days.

So many famous faces to meet and obtain autographs from, too, they ranged from a few cast members from hit TV series ‘Allo Allo’ to stars from ‘Doctor Who’ and a variety of Movie stars, with some ‘Only Fools and Horses’ thrown in! An impressive line-up, to say the least, and the schedule of panels for the day were outstanding. We joined the ‘Red Dwarf’ session where Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge, Danny John-Jules, Robert Llewellyn and Chloe Annett answered some insightful questions from the audience who had gathered inside of ‘the marshmallow’ aka the theatre area which consisted of an inflatable marquee. We applauded the fact that Chris Barrie launched so easily into the voice of ‘Gordon Brittas’ and there were some respectful nods towards Craig Charles who has prematurely left ‘I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ due to the death of his brother. It was an interesting panel and one we would be keen to see repeated in future.

The arrival of ‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton was the ‘piece de resistance’ and we think it’s safe to say, a moment that the Potter fans who, were clambering over one another to get a space in ‘the marshmallow’ will never forget. Tom is fronting a documentary for BBC3 about ‘what it is to be a fan’; it’s a good concept and a subject which could easily go on and on. An hour passed and he still hadn’t gotten through all of his questions, but it was a panel with a difference, with all questions being aimed at the audience instead of vice versa. We felt this added an extra dimension to the Con and it was a privilege to be part of it.

All dates and venues for next year’s MCM Expos are available on their website www.mcmcomiccon.com, and as always, this is a must-attend event for ‘Break A Leg Review’.

Please check back for an exclusive interview with author, Andrew Ross – who has written “Too Happy A Face” (which is an authorised biography of screen legend, Joan Sims) published by Fantom Films. Andrew was signing copies of his book at MCM Expo and it was a pleasure to meet him.

 IMG_119005767074799[1] IMG_118911612794328[1]
Members of the cast of Red Dwarf                    Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter)     

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