Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid!

Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid has one final performance at Canal Café Theatre, tonight! Book your tickets here: Canal Cafe Theatre Box Office

Star rating: *****

45 minutes of sheer innovative and evocative writing and performance. Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid captured our imaginations from the outset, it makes a bold and impacting statement as performer, Serafina Salvador emerges in a wedding dress made of bank notes and marries her laptop! It’s the start of a journey of discovery, digital dilemmas and ultimate burn-out, over-seen by Destiny.

The show has been beautifully written by Serafina, she has used a mixture of verse, rhyme and monologue to capture the spirit of an eager young banking minion by the name of ‘Prayer’. So clear and concise is the imagery created by the words that we were instantly transported to her place of work and comprehended the nerves, anxiety and buzz of the environment. Although the piece is based on experience of the banking world and trading floor, the essence of the story applies to most workplace situations. It was clear that everyone in the full house identified with one or more of the emotions and situations presented. There’s also comedy in abundance and great comic timing too.

Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid! also offers excellent audience interaction, especially on the part of Destiny (played by Anne Musisi). Destiny is a loveable and care-free character who is determined to rescue Prayer from herself. She has a song which was performed brilliantly and added an extra dimension to the overall flavour of the piece. Andrew Hyde also puts in a notable performance as the voice over of the Deputy, liaising with Destiny to help her with her mission.

Simone Vause has directed the show and her vision is palpable, she has made the best use of the space, too.

Overall, a thought-provoking play which resonates on many levels and could also lead you to question your own life. Let’s hope we all have Destiny on hand keeping a watchful eye on our choices!


Reviewed by Guest Bloggers: Hayley Makepeace and Jen Franklin



Vlog with Star of Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid, Anne Musisi

Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid runs at Camden Fringe (venue: Canal Cafe Theatre) from 11th – 13th August and 18th – 20th August 2017.

Press Release:

Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid Press Release Camden Fringe

Here’s Break A Leg’s vlog with actor, Anne Musisi from the show talking about her role and telling you why you must come and see it!

Visit the show’s website here:

Don’t Blame The Bankers… $t00pid

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