Casualty ‘History Repeating’ ~ Review Of 1000th Episode

Casualty reached a momentous milestone last night, 1000 episodes in the can! To mark this auspicious occasion? Bring back one of the most beloved characters who has been coming and going since her appearance in the very first episode in 1986. Yes, Duffy (played by Cath Shipton) returned as an agency Nurse again, and the word on the ED is that she’s going to be back to stay. That should put a smile on Nurse Fairhead’s face, the chemistry was always there between Charlie and Duffy, and there were a few nods towards a potential relationship development.

It seems that while she was on the other side of the world with her husband Ryan and three sons, Duffy trained as a midwife. This extra skill came in handy last night when Dr Elle Gardner (Jaye Griffiths) was faced with a tough decision, a pregnant mother with a blood clot in her lung was adamant that her 7 month old fetus as not going to be delivered by caesarian section. For Nurse Louise Tyler (Azuka Oforka) it was a situation that was too reminiscent of her past experience, and it was lucky that Duffy was on hand to steady the situation.

Jaye Griffiths plays Dr Elle Gardner

The other central storyline revolved around Dr Dylan Keogh, who’s father ended up in the ED as well as his half sister. An ethical debate ensued and a heart to heart with the sullen Consultant’s step-mum, which was long over-due, took place. Maybe a wake-up call for the loveable grump?

William Beck plays Dr Dylan Keogh

Not forgetting poor Rita, yet another let down in her love life, will the jilted Nurse ever catch a break? Of course, us viewers could all see it coming a mile off, which made it all the more heart wrenching to watch!


My overall opinion? An excellent 1000th episode which showed the team doing what they do best and had an equal measure of crises in personal lives, too. If you’re like me, I expect you were watching for the chemistry between Charlie and Duffy? Bring it on, say I!


All photo credits: BBC


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