Trust Me, Series One, Episode Three ~ Review

Another episode of Trust Me has been and gone, so it’s over to resident Guest Blogger, Chloe Buckles to fill us in on the latest instalment!

The penultimate episode of this series didn’t disappoint! But if you’re of a nervous disposition you may want to look away now because this episode gave us emotional heartbreak, plenty of blood and yet more unanswered questions!

Having done his research now into ‘Dr Ally’/Cath Hardacre (Jodie Whittaker), Andy Brenner (Emun Elliot) is quick to realise that his new girlfriend is not all she seems to be. After a frosty shift together, which gets everyone suspicious given that Cath has just lost her father, Andy invites Cath to a secluded and somewhat bleak part of the Scottish countryside where he finally calls her out on her identity deception. The biggest surprise here was that although he is obviously angry at what Cath has been doing – pretending to be her doctor-pal Ally – he appears on the surface to be supporting her. But all isn’t quite sitting right with this partnership now, and Andy persuades Cath to move in with him. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is far more to his story still to come, even with just one more episode to go. With his help, Cath seems to be becoming an even more convincing of a doctor as he helps her get up to speed on some of the more complex procedures. Is he just setting Cath up so he can be the one to take the fall out and the glory for having uncovered it himself? Or is he genuinely in love with her and only wants to see her succeed?

Ally (JODIE WHITTAKER), Dr Andy Brenner (EMUN ELLIOTT) – (C) Red Productions – Photographer: Mark Mainz

Back in Sheffield, Karl (Blake Harrison) smells a rat. He’s told that Cath has been spreading lies about their relationship and telling people that he had been violent and we learn from him that Cath is not known for being deceptive and lying. This information into her character added to the enormity of what she is currently doing and coupled with her encounter with Andy earlier we realise how the main driving force in her motivation is to ensure that daughter Molly has the best life, and the best potential life, she can. But Karl is heading to Edinburgh to confront Cath – will he be the one to out her identity to the rest of her colleagues?

Later in the episode we see things really begin to spiral into difficulty for Cath. A very busy shift on A&E with her line manager Brigitte (Sharon Small) means everyone is against it and Brigitte is putting pressure on Cath to get through their patients as quickly as possible. With emergencies en route and patients stacking up all around them, Cath begrudgingly succumbs to Brigitte’s pressure of letting her patient with the dental abscess go home instead of being checked out further.

This was only ever going to lead to one moment, and from the moment Mr Abscess walked in it was clear it wasn’t going to end well for him. Sure enough, he is readmitted later on with an obstructed airway and he’s in a bad way. With Brigitte panicking because she knows she encouraged his discharge and unable to get an airway in Cath is forced to step up. At this point we really see Brigitte struggle and you get a real picture of how much she is out of her depth in her role – she certainly came across to the viewer as very vulnerable. Forced to perform a surgical airway under pressure Cath eventually succeeds. Needless to say, if you were of a nervous disposition these weren’t the scenes for you. Tense and dramatic I’m not sure if I breathed throughout (in fact I was probably in need of some oxygen myself).

The episode finished with Brigitte pleading with Cath to alter the records to save them from any backlash from having earlier discharged the patient. Clearly struggling with the idea of lying about the care of a patient (somewhat ironically given that she’s pretending to be a doctor) Cath eventually alters the notes. But then she discovers Brgitte is drinking. Will she put the blame on Brigitte? Or continue to stick to their cover story? And more importantly, who is going to blow her own massive secret?

Looking forward to hearing about the final episode from Chloe! Here’s her own blog where you should drop in and check out her ‘ramblings’…

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