Casualty ‘End Of The Road’ ~ Episode Review

Casualty’s main focus was on Connie’s relationship with Hugo, this week – as well as heralding the return of Lily (against Dylan’s better judgement). Here are some highlights from a fast-paced and intense episode…

Hugo (BILLY ANGEL) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Jez ~ Jez is still seeing his new boyfriend, and will certainly make enemies once his identity is revealed more widely. I was slightly relieved when it seemed as if Jez was going to be dumped… shame that didn’t happen!

Lily Returns ~ Although Dylan is dubious that it might be too soon, Lily is back at work following her accident and almost immediately drops the ball when she misses a tell-tale sign on a young patient. However, she picks it up so quickly (of course she does, it’s Lily!) and Sam is offering compliments by the end of shift. Will Lily apply for one of the Consultant positions?

Iain’s interest ~ Iain is still showing interest in Lily – for numerous reasons as we know, but he appears to be genuinely worried about her returning to work and has Louise looking out for her. 

Mummy Connie ~ Connie has loved playing mum to Hugo, especially when her own daughter doesn’t want a bar of her. However, the time has come for him to return to his family and move with them to Scotland. Connie is secretly devastated but handles it with her usual matter of fact manner. However, Hugo doesn’t take it well either – and he demonstrates his displeasure by running away. The drama that unfolds has a happy conclusion, but not without ‘crying’ over spilled milk – or in fact wine!

Popular Sam ~ Sam is continuing to ingratiate himself (not!) with the Consultants as he informs them that applying for their own job looms ever nearer – I think it would be a great cost cutting exercise if he left, personally. Sorry to all the fans of Tom Chambers!

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