Casualty Series 32, Episode 6 ~ Review

Another storming episode of Casualty with Connie taking centre stage yet again and the return of Duffy to our screens, which was a welcome sight! Plus there’s Charlie and Josh still making a motley pairing! Here are a few highlights:

Josh Griffiths (IAN BLEASDALE), Charlie Fairhead (DEREK THOMPSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Painting the town red ~ Charlie and Josh have been out painting the town, as a result Charlie is nursing the hangover from hell and Josh is feeling rather smug as he chirpily goes about his business! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these two are a dream team pairing, Thompson and Bleasdale are a much-needed double act. I love their banter and the cheeky way they set one another up. More of that please…

Dylan’s dilemma ~ Dylan is on the horns of another dilemma, it seems. This time he’s desperately seeking the right computer game to purchase for his young ward. What follows is Max revealing all his knowledge of super heroes, a hilarious scene which really demonstrated great chemistry between the team.

Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS), Marty (ROGER GRIFFITHS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Cupid draw back your knife ~ Alicia has been on a mission to find Elle a man, and the arrival of a patient with a protruding knife and her rather good-looking father provides much occasion for ‘nudge nudge wink wink’. Elle is certainly not against the idea – however Connie is soon set to put the mockers on it. All hail the Ice Queen! Although Elle is not a woman to be trifled with…

Heart to Heart ~ Connie has been exhibiting some worrying symptoms and a scan at the beginning of the episode caused heightened need for alarm. Spending the remainder of the instalment sniping is nothing unusual for Connie, however the panic was evident. When she showed her scans to her new ‘friend’ Ethan, he hit the nail on the head with his prognosis in relation to a potential malignant heart tumour. Just what is Connie facing? Can Ethan help?

Duffy’s Back ~ Yes, Duffy is back on our screens for the first time since her glorious performance in the one-shot. Just in the nick of time too as Charlie is eternally grateful for her white lie when Josh is determined to drag his old friend out for hair of the dog. All the Chuffy fans were delighted too, to hear Charlie declare “Duffy Fairhead I couldn’t love you more!” – all together now… awwww!


Role Contributor
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Ethan Hardy George Rainsford
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Max Walker Jamie Davis
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Lisa ‘Duffy’ Duffin Cathy Shipton
David Hide Jason Durr
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Kayleigh Marshall Amy Lennox
Carole Marshall Ellie Haddington
Rhys Eveson Cai Brigden
Mason Marshall Rupert Cunningham-Day
Marty Williams Roger Griffiths
Daisy Williams Mollie Lambert
Josh Griffiths Ian Bleasdale
Simon Feathering Nicholas Boulton
Writer Oliver Frampton
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Director Paul Riordan

Casualty Series 32, Episode 5 ~ Review

Sam’s return meets with mixed reactions – which was always going to be the way if we’re honest! Alicia is on a mission to get Elle laid…. Plus there are two legends completely taking the episode to another level with their exceptional performances. Here comes more Casualty!

(C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Return of the Nic….holls ~ Sam is back – to mixed reactions from fans, I know and also to a very mixed bag of reactions in the ED too. She’s a Paramedic now and that puts her in ‘cahoots’ with Iain. Which will make for interesting viewing in itself. She’s also cock-sure of herself, of course and her reappearance is not embraced by Dylan. It was time to bring someone in to stir things up a bit, though. Let’s see if I eat my words!

Gruesome Twosome ~ On the paramedic scene, with Jez having run off with the love of his life – there was room for new and old blood. So not only do we have Sam, but also Josh. Which means that Charlie has his buddy back and it’s not long before they’re back to their old ways and up to no good. Where’s Duffy when you need her? On a serious note, it’s brilliant to have Josh again, he’s one of the beating hearts of Holby.

Just call Alicia ‘Cilla’ ~ Alicia has admitted that she’s somewhat of a nympho, but she’s having a break from the sex and booze (for now…) and therefore on a mission to find Elle a man. Setting her up with Jacob is top of her list and she engages Louise’s help in her underhand dealings. While her efforts are not embraced by the pairing she has in mind, Elle does decide it’s time to find her ‘someone’.

A double force to be reckoned with ~ Casting Rosalind Ayres and Roberta Taylor as a same-sex couple was a genius move that paid off massively. I was so engrossed in their story that I actually cheered when Iona had a pulse, no matter how unlikely and rare an occurrence it was. It’s a long time since I’ve invested in the guest actors, but this storyline had me on the edge of my seat and emotionally connected with the characters. Brilliance, sheer brilliance.

Jealousy thy name is Lily? ~ So, with Sam having made her return are we sensing jealousy from Lily? I hope not as she and Iain have finally worked through the mire to get to relationship central. However, I’m sure I can’t be on my own in feeling that the green eyed monster lurks.


Role Contributor
Sam Nicholls Charlotte Salt
Iain Dean Michael Stevenson
Connie Beauchamp Amanda Mealing
Elle Gardner Jaye Griffiths
Alicia Munroe Chelsea Halfpenny
Dylan Keogh William Beck
Jacob Masters Charles Venn
Charlie Fairhead Derek Thompson
Robyn Miller Amanda Henderson
Lily Chao Crystal Yu
Louise Tyler Azuka Oforka
David Hide Jason Durr
Noel Garcia Tony Marshall
Josh Griffiths Ian Bleasdale
Becky Penton Nathalie Cox
Margie Mogford Roberta Taylor
Iona Griffin Rosalind Ayres
Chris Torbitt Adam Sopp
Writer Kayleigh Llewellyn
Producer Ciara McIlvenny
Director Paul Riordan

Casualty ‘One’ ~ Episode Review

Oh my! What a series finale for Casualty, and what an incredible year they’ve had! The National Television Award win, all of the amazing storylines that have rolled out as the series has progressed. Many plots carried over week to week giving even more reason to keep tuning in. Tonight, history was made and I couldn’t be prouder of website Patron, Cath Shipton – for leading the pack as they took a brave step. Here are just a few highlights from an episode I shall remember for a long time to come…

Duffy ~ Well, Cath gave one of the performances  of her career didn’t she? As the hub of the activity, the responsibility for the episode lay on her shoulder. She shouldered it brilliantly, the natural ease with which she appeared to take the helm was quite something. I feel that this history making episode will always be associated with Cath, and that’s quite an accolade.

Work Experience ~ The work experience girls were a fantastic addition to the chaos, they fitted in brilliantly and speaking personally as one who worked for the NHS and has taken charge of students, the opposite behaviours of the pair were on point. What I especially loved was how much Duffy inspired them both. Will we see then as trainee nurses in the future? I hope so!

Picture Shows: Jez Andrews (LLOYD EVERITT) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Heap

Jez ~ Jez loses his cool as he realises that a patient he has pulled from a burning building has left a baby behind in there and he hasn’t the opportunity to go in after her. I don’t think I’ve ever seen the paramedic so in-glued and I feel that recent events have taken their toll on him. Well played by Lloyd Everitt who knocked his performance out of the park in extreme circumstances.

Trouble in Triage ~ Missing a Receptionist? No problem? Wrong! The lack of Noel means that triage is not in hunky dory order and a patient is put at risk as a result. A good reminder of how all members of the team in a hospital environment (or indeed any working environment) are integral cogs.

Picture Shows: David Hide (JASON DURR), Di (JENNY PLATT), Alicia Munroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Heap

One Shot ~ Finally, congratulations on the entire team on pulling off no mean feat as a finale de force. It was very clear that the episode had been filmed in one take and therefore gave a different feel, ambience and atmosphere to the overall show. A gamble that paid off, undoubtedly!

Casualty Episode Cast


Casualty ‘War of the Roses’ ~ Episode Review

So Sam is back in scrubs and throwing his weight around in a junior role! An interesting episode of Casualty which sees the team divided over Sam’s self-appointed demotion. Plus there’s Connie’s reaction to it all, here are some highlights:

Picture Shows: Helen Crompton (JODIE MCGREGOR), Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEVENSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Love’s young dream ~ Iain and Lily are still not seeing eye to eye – understatement of the episode! Is this really going to be as short lived as it seems? I’m waiting for Gem to come back so that she can make them see that they’re made for each other – but I fear I’m wandering off into territory that is most definitely wishful thinking. The sniping, the sexual tension, it’s all still there, brooding away!

Self-demotion ~ Sam’s decision to step down as Medical Director and take the Registrar’s post has been viewed as controversial to say the least! He’s soon put to the test when he offers to take Elle’s place and attend a scene where there’s a potential life-changing injury hanging in the balance for a man who later turns out to be a bigamist. Naturally he’s the hero of the hour, but he also runs the risk of losing his job if Connie sees fit to send a letter regarding his conduct.

Divided Opinion ~ Sam’s self-demotion has set tongues wagging amongst the department and also divided opinion too. Jacob and Louise think he’s showy and digging his own grave, Duffy thinks he’s wonderful and can’t praise him highly enough! How will he fit in, in the long-term?

Dylan ~ Losing his colleague, Cal, has taken its toll on Dylan and the pressure has been mounting for weeks. It finally breaks free in this episode and a panic attack sets in while he is dealing with a patient. He is unable to reach a decision about her condition and absconds to the toilets when the going gets tough, leaving David to handle a dicey situation and Elle to step in quickly. Was that the overall culmination of Dylan’s demons or is there more to come?

Teamwork ~ I couldn’t not comment on the teamwork demonstrated by Connie and Duffy, what a team! They delivered a baby in not so easy circumstances and it’s one of the few times that we’ve seen the characters interact fully. I liked it!

Casualty Cast Link

Casulalty ‘Swift Vengeance Waits’ – Episode Review

It was all about Ethan this week, with the Ellisons making yet another return to the ED (they’re like regular characters now, eh? I’m getting sick of the sight of them!) there was almost a confession from the perpetrator too… Here are a few highlights:

Scott Ellisson (WILL AUSTIN), Iain Dean (MICHAEL STEVENSON), Sam Strachan (TOM CHAMBERS), Alicia Munroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Be More Cal ~ The episode kicked off with heartbreaking scenes as Ethan empties Cal’s locker, Pungent aftershave aside, it’s a tear-jerking moment as he takes hold of his late brother’s stethoscope and removes Ethan removes his trademark specs. Then there’s the confrontation with Cal’s murderer of course – #bemorecal

Charlie ~ Poor Charlie, having witnessed Ethan packing up Cal’s belongings, he’s feeling like he should be providing more support and comfort than he already is. Despite Duffy’s best efforts, Charlie boy is being very hard on himself as the self-appointed Patriarch of the ED. I think this will be a crisis that Charlie can’t do much more about though.

Lily and Iain – Fleeting nod towards this two again, Iain is still concerned about Lily following the accident that his sister caused. The romantic potential still bubbles beneath the surface!

Alicia – Who else feels a bit sorry for Alicia and also thinks that Chelsea Halfpenny is doing a cracking job with a betwixt and between role at the moment? She’s being the ultimate supportive ‘girlfriend’ to Ethan in his time of desperate need, but it’s obvious how hopeless she feels too. Plus the affair she had with Ethan was still a hot topic when Cal met his maker. Still plenty of mileage in that story!

Awards – I feel it’s worth mentioning how brilliantly Casualty are doing with award nominations and wins this year. Close but no cigar at BAFTA, fingers crossed for TV Choice and I’m confident that won’t be the last we see of mentions for the amazing continuing drama. It’s time Cath Shipton won one for her role as Duffy, though!

Casualty Cast

Casualty ‘Roadman’ ~ Episode Review

Casualty provided us with a very focused and centred episode this week, Elle and Jacob were at the heart of it, joined by Alicia, Louise, Iain and a newly returned (and what a welcome return it was too!) Josh. Here are some highlights from what felt like an intimate episode yet was extremely wide-reaching in its messages.

Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN), Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Adrian Rogers

Josh is back! ~ Josh was always a favourite of mine and his return for Charlie’s 30 year celebration was a highlight of that milestone episode, for me. He already seems to have a good relationship with Iain and they made a great combination. It was heart breaking when he mentioned the devastating explosion which lost him his family, while chatting to a patient. Josh has a lot of history behind him, let’s see if he sticks around long enough to make his mark again. There’s certainly a place for him.

Jacob’s jitters ~ Jacob is so ballsy sometimes that it’s quite a change to see him having doubts and showing the opposite side to his character. His obvious nerves when it came to talking about his career in front of a hall full of school children were quite indicative of the self-doubting character trait that we see little of. I like the relationship he has with Elle too, the history between the pair is palpable but strengthens their friendship.

Elle ~ Elle was at the heart of the action in this episode, mocking Jacob, holding her head high for sending her son to a school which hasn’t got the best reputation. However, having given her careers talk and handed over to Jacob, with smug satisfaction at the way her son had stuck up for her – things took a nasty turn. Gang warfare was prominent in the school and Elle’s lad came a cropper as a result. The impact of his injuries wasn’t straight forward, and the worry led Elle to the chapel where it was clear she hadn’t considered she’d be setting foot voluntarily.

Keep the faith ~ Louise had sown the seed for Elle’s dalliance with God, having admitted that her religion and faith had helped her in the past and was still a part of her life. An interesting side to her character that hadn’t particularly been explored before.

More of the same ~ I’d like to see more episodes with similar configurations, just a few cast members leading a couple of main plots – and doing it very well. This enabled us to see various dimensions to a handful of regular characters. More of this, please!

The cast list for the episode: Casualty Cast

Casualty ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’ ~ Episode Review

Budget cuts, suspected indiscretions and a snake in the ED – sounds like a normal day in the NHS, eh? Here are a few highlights from last Saturday’s Casualty:

Picture Shows: Evie (HOLLY GOSS), Connie Beauchamp (AMANDA MEALING), Jacob Masters (CHARLES VENN), Susie (JULIET HOWLAND), Alicia Munroe (CHELSEA HALFPENNY) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Bedded the boss? ~ The implication that Sam (Tom Chambers) and Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) have slept together, is outlined from the start and it’s clear that the junior doctor is regretting whatever happened. Her memory is hazy on the subject and as the episode progresses it becomes clear that Sam is playing on her poor recollection of the evening. As it happens, nothing untoward did occur – although the intention had been there. A lucky escape?

Interfering sibling ~ Gem (Rebecca Ryan) is observing her brother’s shift on the ambulance and in typical style, can’t stand back and be just an observer. While Iain (Michael Stevenson) is awaiting help to move a car from a girl trapped beneath, Gem thinks nothing of jumping into the vehicle and rolling it back, out of the way. Not the wisest move, but one that helps to remove the patient from the scene faster. Iain’s not happy about his sister’s interference though.

Cuts ~ Sam is already in Alicia’s bad books with the question mark hanging over the previous night’s activities – he then drops the bombshell of departmental cuts! With the choice to make between nurses, junior doctors or a Consultant losing their job, and a declaration to Alicia that she’s cheap(!) – Sam is certainly not the most popular person in Holby City. We’ll see who goes as a result of his recommendations.

Picture Shows: Harry (MARK JORDON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Snake on an ambulance ~ When Harry Beatty (Mark Jordan – remember him from ITV’s Heartbeat?) orders an ambulance for himself following an encounter with his latest slithery ‘pet’s’ teeth, there’s an extra passenger on board the ambulance. The snake which Harry has added to his collection, the very same one that has given his owner a potentially fatal bite, winds up on board the ambulance. Iain is petrified and it’s down to Gem with the assistance of Jez (Lloyd Everitt) to perform a manoeuvre to capture the culprit. I should say that Gem showed good initiative again, even if her previous demonstration of initiative was slightly misguided.

The course of true love ~ Ethan (George Rainsford) has picked up on the fact that Alicia and Sam have had a ‘thing’ – even though we find out that they actually didn’t have a ‘thing’. The jealousy from her previous lover is palpable. However, when the love-torn pair discuss the situation at the end of the shift, it seems that the door to rekindling their relationship is still firmly closed. Cal (Richard Winsor) being the reason for the decision. It’s as frustrating now as before they briefly got together!


Casualty ‘It Starts With The Shoes’ ~ Episode Review

Casualty was all about David (Jason Durr) this week and I felt it demonstrated how well the show is tackling, highlighting and engaging in mental health issues. When you’ve a strong actor like Mr Durr taking on such a role, plus a talented team around him, it has great potential to work. I think that this episode worked… and then some! Here are the highlights:

Programme Name: Casualty 30 - Series 31 - TX: 04/03/2017 - Episode: Casualty 30 25 (No. 26) - Picture Shows:  David Hide (JASON DURR) - (C) BBC / Alistair Heap - Photographer: Alistair Heap
Picture Shows: David Hide (JASON DURR) – (C) BBC / Alistair Heap – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Disaster for David? ~ David has been reducing the amount of meds he take for his Bipolar. This is self-imposed and in his case, highly non-recommended. However, his inability to feel emotions, especially in relation to his son, have led him up this path. Now, his son is going to have to move to Spain and David behaves even more bizarrely as the moment he has to let him go, approaches. Hiding him in the ED and letting him have a day off school, having run-ins with Jacob (Charles Venn) into the bargain. His intelligence and know-how in matters appertaining to mental health come to the fore and help immensely in a crisis with a Schizophrenic patient. However, his emotions run so incredibly high once he waves goodbye to his son (applause to Harry Collett who plays Oliver), that David takes matters into his own hands and throws away his meds. Oh dear!

Squirrel Robyn! ~ Robyn (Amanda Henderson) is by far one of David’s closest confidantes. She picks up on a comment about secret squirrel, tonight and asks if he’s calling her one because of her red hair. It’s a sweet and very telling moment in itself, not at all a scene to be dismissed. I fear for Robyn with David being such a pal, though – especially as she will be clueless to his current arrangements re: meds.

Programme Name: Casualty 30 - Series 31 - TX: 04/03/2017 - Episode: Casualty 30 25 (No. 26) - Picture Shows:  Oliver (HARRY COLLETT) - (C) BBC / Alistair Heap - Photographer: Alistair Heap
Picture Shows: Oliver (HARRY COLLETT) – (C) BBC / Alistair Heap – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Elle’s ear ~ Elle (Jaye Griffiths) hands over to David in this instalment, holds her hands up to his knowledge where mental health is concerned and listens to his opinion. That’s quite a step forward for her, and also carries its risks, especially if David goes off the rails once he is completely off his meds. However, there’s no denying that Elle showed strength of character when she allowed David to be heard.

More trouble from Gem ~ Gem (Rebecca Ryan) is working in her newly acquired job and Iain (Michael Stevenson) is relieved that she has a reason to stay on track. However, when she gives the wrong change to a patient, alarm bells ring. With further investigation it seems that she is not thieving but lacks basic maths and indeed reading skills. Iain’s test in the ambulance bay proves the theory, it looks like there’s a long way to go for his little sister, but I am loving Rebecca Ryan in the show. I hope she becomes a long term fixture.

Lilly ~ Crystal Yu couldn’t be more different to Lilly in real life, two interviews with the lady herself have been proof enough of that. Crystal has been one of my favourite interviewees to date. Lilly as a character has evolved hugely since she first started in the ED and her involvement with Iain and his sister has played its part in that. What’s remarkable is the lighter side to her personality that is gradually emerging. I hope that we continue to see more light and shade to her persona. I quite like this new side to Lilly and hat’s off to Crystal, she plays the part brilliantly.

Casualty ‘You Are Your Only Limit’ ~ Episode Review

Connie (Amanda Mealing) Versus Elle (Jaye Griffiths) should have been the title of this week’s instalment of my favourite medical drama. The case which Connie hopes will bring about Dr Gardner’s downfall, however, events taken an interesting turn and the result viewers might have anticipated, did not occur…

Beauchamp’s Baying ~ It’s the day of the hearing in the case against Elle and she is none to confident about the outcome. The odds are stacked against the troubled doctor when Dylan (Will Beck) is backed into a corner regarding Grace’s (Emily Carey) intubation or lack there of. Amira (Poppy Jhakra) is also called to give her account and it doesn’t bode well for Elle, even though the agency nurse gives a fair account. Beauchamp was looking like the champ in this battle.

Seven Years Bad Luck ~ You’d have been right in thinking that Grace had endured enough bad luck, however she may have earned herself seven years of it. Collapsing from a seizure in the ladies toilets after smashing the mirror with her crutches, she is then unfortunate enough to land awkwardly on the glass. Off spurts a main artery once Dr Gardiner (who is first on the scene, coincidentally) has moved the poor kid. Under pressure again? Yes, but this time Elle springs to action and with a ‘paralysed’ Connie standing by, Dr Gardiner performs a life-saving procedure. Has she done enough to prove herself to her nemesis?

Programme Name: Casualty 30 - Series 31 - TX: 11/02/2017 - Episode: Casualty 30 22 (No. 23) - Picture Shows:  Robyn Miller (AMANDA HENDERSON) - (C) BBC  - Photographer: Alistair Heap
Picture Shows: Robyn Miller (AMANDA HENDERSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Robyn’s Nesting ~ Robyn (Amanda Henderson) has been in turmoil over her capability of being a mother and decides that the answer lies in a robot baby. The young Nurse is quite successful at calming the doll with a rendition of last year’s hit song ‘Lush Life’, however that only proves to be a remedy on a solitary occasion. Instead, Robyn’s maternal instincts are demonstrated with a young male patient who has a doll’s shoe lodged up his nose. She’s going to be an ace parent and I couldn’t help but chortle when Dylan (Will Beck) casually switched the robot baby off.

David’s Drugs ~ David (Jason Durr) has been hyper of late, to say the least. With his white suit and interesting dancing at Duffy (Cath Shipton) and Charlie’s (Derek Thompson) wedding, to his rather hilarious and at times, inappropriate laugh and now he is planning a number of random activities to do with his Son. He has admitted to Robyn that his medication needs to be addressed. He ain’t kidding!

Programme Name: Casualty 30 - Series 31 - TX: 11/02/2017 - Episode: Casualty 30 22 (No. 23) - Picture Shows:  Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS) - (C) BBC  - Photographer: Alistair Heap
Picture Shows: Elle Gardner (JAYE GRIFFITHS) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Gardiner’s Pardon ~ Elle’s excellent work following Grace’s next life-threatening misfortune saves her job. Even Connie can see that her colleague displayed outstanding capability in the face of adversity. However, Elle may still have her career, but she no longer wishes to be Clinical Lead. Good decision! Who’s going to take that role, I wonder….?


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