Into The Hoods: Remixed

Into the Hoods: Remixed promised to make a real impact when they landed at Wolverhampton Grand Theatre, a mixture of established dancers from all over the world make up Zoonation Dance Academy and they didn’t disappoint.

The appetiser prior to the main event was the Curtain Raiser performed by a group of young people ranging from age 16-21 who have been picked out from across the region to perform with the Zoonation artistic team. The opportunity to improve their skills and experience tutoring from individuals at the top of their game had clearly rubbed off on the troop and it was a show stopping performance.

The main show was a five star production from start to finish. Excellent story telling from all involved, they can all act as well as they can dance. The music was a combination of hit tune after hit tune and brought back to memory some real old skool beats from decades gone by. The group have boundless energy which is incredibly infectious and as an ensemble they work as one, yet as individuals their performances have a myriad of elements included. A hip hop version of Into The Woods, essentially, this show brings a modern edge to numerous inter-mingled fairy tales and Katie Prince, Director and Writer should be proud of an outstanding piece.

Everybody deserves credit, however various highlights included the arrival of Fairy Gee, played by Annie Edwards, Spinderella’s solo was also notable, Lucina Wessells who played her was perfectly cast. Duwane Taylor epitomised the Wolf and later on made a hilarious ‘Grandma’. Corey Culverwell as Jaxx displayed skills which rival any dancer I’ve seen, and Andry Oporia showed an engaging presence as both the Landlord and the Ugly Stepmum.

The set was instrumental in setting the scene for the ‘scary’ hood, it was utilised and changes were made as swiftly and sharply as the cast’s moves!

The show stays in Wolverhampton until tonight but you can catch the tour dates if you visit They’re heading to Blackpool next!


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