Album Review ~ Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood

To coincide with her current tour, Liza Pulman has released an album entitled Liza Pulman Sings Hollywood, and it’s really worth a listen.

Liza Pulman

The Diva from trio Fascinating Aida, has included a selection of classic Hollywood movie tracks on the list and none of them disappoint. So spot on is the quality of this album that it’s difficult to pick favourites to give you an idea of what to expect. However, the most notable songs for me, personally are:

Alfie – it’s one of Liza’s favourite songs and it shows, her vocals are beautiful and delicate on this number as she connects with the lyrics on a high plain. Even though this is one of the late Cilla Black’s classics, Ms Pulman makes this her own.

Evergreen – when I saw Liza sing this live I thought she gave Ms Streisand a run for her money. Listening to it on audio, she definitely gives Ms Streisand a run for her money!! A stunning piece which bring to memory clips from the movie as the number progresses.

Diamond’s Are A Girls Best Friend – this song epitomises our Diva’s character, glamorous, glitzy and full of pizazz! It’s a great indication of what a treat you’re in for at her concert.

Moon River – a jazzy version which I have taken to my heart. It demonstrates her vocal ability, beautifully and has the making of an excellent single release.

You’ve Got A Friend In MeDisney films are among my favourites, and this hit from Toy Story is a perfect addition to the album. I think the pitch of the number lends itself well to female vocals and it’s one of Liza’s best. Love it!

For details of how and where to purchase this superb album, visit – it is certainly worth a listen.




Liza Sings…The Songs of Hollywood ~ Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

*** Touring show – dates, ticket booking information and other details are here: ***

Glitz and glamour of –Hollywood arrived in Stafford at the Gatehouse Theatre last night, in the form of glorious singer, Liza Pulman. Best known as a member of the trio, Fascinating Aida, Pulman is currently going it alone in her show: Liza Sings The Songs of Hollywood.

When I interviewed Liza she said that there would be a couple of stonking frocks from her, and she wasn’t kidding, either! The Diva looked resplendent in all three frocks, even if they did hinder her progress when she attempted to take a seat on a nearby stool! Not only is Pulman a magnificently talented singer, she is also a marvellously quick-witted comedienne (hence why she is a member of the hilarious Fascinating Aida).

Among the wide selection of songs from the movies that we were treated to were: Evergreen which Pulman’s vocals lent themselves to exceedingly well, Que Sera Sera, a jazzy version of Moon River and my personal favourites, there Disney numbers. Two of the Disney choices included popular hits from the Toy Story franchise; You’ve Got a Friend in Me and When Somebody Loved Me, the latter was a heart breaking number to listen to, largely due to Pulman’s beautiful connection with the lyrics (she has a knack of connecting perfectly with every song she sings). Cruela De Vil followed, and this upbeat tune, originally from 101 Dalmations certainly had my foot tapping again.

Liza’s knowledge of the movies was a superb accompaniment to the musical extravaganza, she really knows her stuff! To top it all, The Stardust Orchestra who played were a delicious treat for the ears, when they had their opportunity to shine during a costume change, playing the theme from The Artist, it was a real highlight.

A sensational musical feast which must not be missed, beg, borrow or steal a ticket and join Ms Pulman her journey to some classic movies.


Spotlight On… Liza Pulman

Liza Pulman is renowned for being a third of the deliciously devilish trio who perform as Fascinating Aida. The resplendent Diva is leaving her cheap flight and Christmas gripes behind her, for now anyway! She’s touring the UK with The Songs of Hollywood and I had the pleasure of chatting with Liza about the show, her career and which of those naughty Fascinating Aida numbers really is her favourite?

Hi Liza, thank you for talking to Break A Leg Review, can you tell me what the audience can expect from your show, The Songs of Hollywood?

It does what it says on the tin, it features songs from Hollywood movies, all the songs we’ve grown up with, for example As Time Goes By. I’m singing with a band, who are brilliant. I’m used to performing with a piano and I love performing with a piano, but this show needs more sparkle and the band provides that.

Is there a personal favourite in your repertoire and what’s the reason for your choice?

Evergreen, it’s a simple song, one I’ve always known and never sung before. I sat down at the piano to try the song and it gets me at my centre.

I noticed on Twitter that you have an album coming out?

Yes, called The Songs of Hollywood, it’s been a voyage of discovery and I’m quietly proud of it. There are 16 songs on there.

How does your solo venture feel without your two cohorts from Fascinating Aida?

It’s different, there were three of us to pass the baton around and we’d each get some respite, I was shared responsibility. There is a sense of responsibility with a solo show, which you have to be careful not to make a negative thing. However, I’m lucky to spend my life doing what I love to do and I love talking to the audience.

What are your favourite numbers from Fascinating Aida?

Cheap Flights because it brought the show to a whole new audience and I do like our rather rude Christmas song, have you heard it?

I have and I love that one, too! So, what led you to a career as a performer?

I was surrounded by performing, Mum was an actress, dad was a writer and my sister and I used to sing at the piano as children. I trained as an opera singer to try and find my own way in my family, I love opera singing and I’m good at it but it’s not where my heart is. The training has been incredible and served me well, I like to use my voice to perform in many ways, though.

What are your ambitions for the future?

I’d like to do more solo work, I like collating material for shows and singing songs that I want to sing, it’s a luxury. Fascinating Aida plans to tour again in 2017, we will look at putting the show together at the end of 2016.

Finally, what would you say to potential audience members to encourage them to buy a ticket?

In this slightly odd time we’re inhabiting, this is a shamelessly joyous evening, there’s music from the band, moving songs that reach out and a couple of stonking frocks from me!

I’d like to thank Liza for her time, it was a pleasure to interview her and I can’t wait to review the show. Visit and you can book tickets for one of Liza’s many tour venues.












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