Spotlight On… Olympic Silver Medallist, Lutalo Muhammad

To celebrate the launch of the new Power Rangers movie last Friday, Vue Entertainment has teamed up with British Taekwondo Olympic Silver Medallist Lutalo Muhammad to get some expert insight on the mind-blowing fight sequences on display in the film.

Did you know Power Rangers actually inspired thousands of kids in the UK to take up martial arts? As a lifelong Power Rangers fan, Lutalo “even had the duvet cover!”

On this link is some awesome SLOW MOTION action footage with Lutalo and below is some advice from the man himself: Lutalo Muhammad Slow Motion Action Footage

Here’s an interview with the man himself…

There will be a lot of kids that want to emulate the Power Rangers at their local dojo. What’s the first move you learnt?

The first kick I learned was a “Turning Kick” (Dollyo Chagi) – it is the most popular kick in Taekwondo because it is super fast and powerful

If someone wants to get into Taekwondo where should they start?

If a young Power Rangers fan wants to get into Taekwondo then I would suggest they start by looking for their nearest recognised club at

What do you love about Taekwondo?

I love that it’s so dynamic and varied. We do all the high flying, jumping kicks. No other Martial Art does kicks like Taekwondo!

You came so close to Gold at Rio – do you have any advice on how to motivate yourself to get back up and carry on after a defeat?

Rio was still an amazing experience. I enjoyed every contest and yes that includes the final! Losing in the last second was sad and I think it was important to let that emotion out so I could move forward. But hey, I understand sport is about winning and losing, and that’s life. As a professional athlete, being World Champion 2017 this June is my only focus.

Are you hoping for Gold at the Commonwealth Games or next Olympics?

Absolutely, I am going for Gold in 2020!

What’s been your career highlight so far?

My two Olympic medals have been the highlight of my career thus far, but there’s so much more for me to achieve, I am not done yet.

What’s your 48 hour diet before a fight?

After I weigh in for a fight I need to rehydrate and refuel as quickly and efficiently as possible.Firstly I need to drink about 5 litres of water to get my fluid levels back up which takes a few hours.  Following that I like to eat a high carbohydrate meal – pasta is great with tomato sauce to give me a the energy boost I need for the fight.

What’s the best gym equipment to build your kicking muscles? 

like the seated leg press, which is great for working my legs. This really helps to improve the muscles I use to do explosive kicking.

Are you excited to see the new Power Rangers film?

I am super excited! I am a huge fan. When I was younger I absolutely loved my Power Ranger action figures and I even had the curtains and duvet cover to match!

What’s your favourite Power Ranger move?

It’s got to be Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

Thanks to Lutalo for a fantastic interview – have you been to see the new Power Rangers Movie yet? Why not leave us a comment about it…

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