Bobbi Brown Red Carpet Make-Over

It’s no secret that I attended the National Television Awards at The O2, London last month. Two of my buddies and team-mates joined me for the experience and we had a fantastic girls day and night out. As luck would have it, Bobbi Brown UK had re-launched a studio in the Oxford Street John Lewis store merely months before we planned to celebrate awards season.

Thanks to their wonderful PR, the three of us were treated to a red carpet make-over so that we were awards ready and the hassle of applying our own make-up was one thing ticked off our list for the evening ahead.

We were greeted by Molly, Aaminah and Kyah who immediately made us feel at ease (none of us are regulars when it comes to putting ourselves in the hands of make-up artists!) and we were quickly seated in front of the mirrors ready to put out trust and faith in these wonderfully creative professionals.

Molly immediately started to work with the colours of my dress for the evening which I was conveniently wearing for the session. You’ll see my before and after photos below, the first being of my completely make-up free face and the second being the after result.

My skin treatment and makeup from the Bobbi Brown UK range included:

Skincare – Cleanser/Toner – Extra Treatment Lotion, Treatment – Extra Repair Serum, Eye Cream – Extra Repair Eye, Face Cream – Extra Repair Moisture Cream

Skin Foundation Stick Shade – Porcelain

Corrector Formula – Creamy, Shade – Extra Light Bisque, Concealer Formula – IEC, Shade – Porcelain

Foundation Formula – Extra tinted balm, Shade – Alabaster tint, Correct & Perfect – Skin Stick – O

Powder Formula – Nude Finish, Shade – Porcelain

Bronzer – Stonestreet, Blush – Pink Brightening Brick, Highlight – Pink Glow

Lip Colour – Rose Petal Nourishing, Lip Pencil – Pink Mauve

Brows Formula – Brow Shaper, Shade – Brunette

Long Wear Eye Base – Light, All Over Shadow – Cream (Night Drama)

Lower Lid Shadow – Torched (Night Drama) Sunflare Luxe, Crease Shadow – Heat Ray Luxe

Eye Liner Formula – Black Ink/Charcol, Shade – Ogel/Eyeshadow

Mascara – Smokey Eye

Hayley Makepeace – Before Photo

My long-time very close friend, Hayley Makepeace experienced the Party Ready treatment from Kyah – you can see her make up free photo above and below is her finished look…

The result! Make-Over completed and Party ready!

Hayley’s look was achieved with the following Bobbi Brown UK products:

Skincare – Soothing cleansing oil, Treatment lotion, Hydrating eye cream, Vit enriched face base, Extra illuminating balm – bare glow

Instant Full Cover concealer, Shade – beige

Skin foundation, Shade – beige

Nude Finish illuminating Powder, Shade – Nude

Bronzer – Medium, Blush – Tawny, Highlight – Afternoon Glow

Lip Colour – Downton Plum Luxe, Lip Pencil – Pink Mauve

Brows Formula – Perfectly Defined LW Pencil, Shade – Mahogany

Eyes – Golden Bronze Shadow Stick, Crease Shadow – Taupe

Eyeliner Gel – Sepia Ink, Shade – Black Ink

Smokey Eye Mascara

Allspice Sparkle Shadow

Clear Brow Shaper

Jen Franklin – without make-up!

Jen Franklin is a close friend I met on social media a few years ago and we share many common interests. Jen was treated to a Soft Glam make-over. Check out her before photo above and the finished picture below!

The result! Jen’s Soft Glam Look…

Jen’s Bobbi Brown UK Make-Over was achieved by Aaminah with the following products:

Skincare – Hydrating tonic, Hydrating Eye Cream, Hydrating Gel Cream

Skin Foundation Stick – Beige #3

Corrector Formula – Creamy Corrector, Shade – Bisque, Concealer Formula – Instant Full Coverage, Shade – Beige

Foundation Formula – Skin long-wear weightless, Shade – Beige #3, Correct & Perfect – Skin Weightless Powder Beige #3

Powder – Nude Finish Illuminating Powder, Shade – Nude

Bronzer – Natural, Blush – Tawny Brightening Brick, Highlight – Pink Glow

Neutral Rose Luxe Lip Colour, Lip gloss – Nougat

Brows Formula – Powder, Shade – Mahogany

All Over Eye Shadow – Golden Bronze/All Spice, Lower Lid Shadow – Rich Brown

Smokey Eye Mascara

3-in-1 Hydrating Setting Spray

Here we are – ready for the National Television Awards. Thanks Bobbi Brown UK!


Spotlight On… Casualty’s Head of Make-Up, Kirstie Stanway

Kirstie Stanway has worked on Casualty on and off , for a number of years. While she was busy working on a rather gory looking prosthetic, I caught up with her to find out about her job and also the 30th anniversary episode!

Hi Kirstie, thank you for talking to Break A Leg, how long have you been working as Head of Make-up on the show?

You’re welcome, my pleasure, I’ve been working on the show on and off for about 15 or 16 years, now.

Wow, so you must enjoy the job, here?

Oh yes it’s always been lovely!

Have there been any particular highlights or challenges presented to you?

For me, it’s the prosthetics, like this one I’m doing here (Editor’s note: Kirstie was working on a full thickness burn prosthetic while we chatted!) full thickness burns are quite hard to sculpt, things like that present a challenge. You do get challenges all the time that make you stop and think “how am I going to make that?”.

What led you to this career path?

I always wanted to do make-up from a young age and I was lucky enough to get into it and here I am!

Were you familiar with the show before you started working on it?

Yes, I’ve been watching it since I was a child and I’ve always been passionate about the show.

Any particular prosthetic that you’ve been responsible for creating that stands out for you?

Recently I had to make one for a guy who had lost a considerable amount of weight, so I had to sculpt all of this hanging skin. Things like that, that you don’t do everyday, obviously making arms, legs and chests is a different thing and this that that I’m sculpting is full body burns on a child that is supposed to be from seven years ago so that’s a different thing again. It’s easy to do things that are raw and bloody, but things like old scars are a bit harder. The blood is the only red that we have on the show, there is no red allowed anywhere else!

If somebody wanted to go into this sort of career, what would you suggest that they did to achieve their goal?

You’ve got to do a good make-up course and there’s plenty of those around, then just try and get as much experience as you can, offer to work for free to get that experience. Make sure you’ve got a good, strong portfolio. Do as many courses as you can, even down to barbering and hairdressing, because it is so varied, I don’t just do prosthetics.

Finally, what can you tell me about the 30th anniversary episode?

Obviously the episode’s quite epic, some of it is quite gory, there’s a few things in there that might make people squirm. It’s just going to be really exiting. Because it’s so epic and a lot bigger than usual and some of the stunts are on a much larger scale.

Thanks to Kirstie for her time, I’m looking forward to seeing her handiwork that I witnessed in progress, in an upcoming episode.

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