Do The Right Thing, Channel Five ~ Review

A brand new Channel Five television show which is part chat show, part magazine show and part ‘Watchdog’ – plus there’s Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford at the hub, what’s not to love? Also joining my favourite presenting duo was the formidable and opinionated Ann Widdecombe, together with Michael Underwood and Roman Kemp. A great line-up who dealt with the issues of the day and various other fascinating (some eye-popping!) articles which really captured my attention.

Naked ambition

If you’ve a burning ambition to burn the fat, then allegedly the best way to get fit is to bare all in your local gym. Although, you’d actually be better off attending a gym which embraces this new craze rather than wandering into a well known fitness franchise only to be arrested for rocking up in the altogether. Good for Ruth, she managed to report from one such gym and kept a relatively straight face throughout – although I’m not so sure it was her face that anyone was looking at when she ‘joined in’!

Parking fine

I’m not telling you your parking is fine, although it might be – what the programme drew attention to was the liberal distribution of parking fines and the Citizens Advice Bureau are inundated with panicked recipients of unfair fines. It’s worth pursuing if you receive a fine you feel could be contested. Also watch out for aggressive demands for payment.


A superb initiative to help those in need of essential items, they help the homeless who are on the streets and in shelters. They’ve only been up and running since December last year and their progress has been astonishing. Financial backing from a Millionaire was revealed on the show which was an amazing gesture – long may this initiative reign.

Contact the Elderly

I’ve long been a champion of the elderly and the issue of loneliness is such a prominent one which needs to be brought to the fore. I had no idea that Contact the Elderly existed, but they do and they offer comfort, support and friendship to those who are isolated and don’t see a face or hear a voice for days on end. Tea parties are the charity’s way of getting people together and you can volunteer as a driver to transport a elderly person to their nearest tea party or you can host a tea party yourself. Entertainment Views are delighted to be supporting the cause and you can find a quick link to sign up to volunteer on our home page: Entertainment Views Home Page

For information on everything that was covered on the show, check out this link: Do the Right Thing

Tune in again on Thursday at 9.00pm on Channel 5. 


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