Milkshake! Live The Magic Story Book Tour ~ Telford Oakengates Theatre

Milkshake! Live is on UK tour – check out all the dates here: Milkshake! Live Tour Tickets

Star rating: *****

If your child is a fan of the early morning television programme, Milkshake! which appears on Channel 5 or if they are fans of the popular characters whose shows are shown on the programme – they will LOVE The Magic Story Book Tour. With two presenters who are familiar from the television programme and a whole host of famous faces from a variety of children’s telly favourites, this is a show set to delight.

We were in for a treat with the gorgeous Amy Thompson and Olivia Birchenough in charge and taking on the roles of many fairy tale characters as they guided Milkshake Monkey on his quest to be a Fairy Tale Prince. What was notable about both presenters was their superb acting ability and Thompson in particular is extraordinarily exceptional at performing with a different accent. Her Geordie wolf was a particular favourite of mine!

With each fairy tale visited by Milkshake Monkey and the girls, cam a different children’s television character. Fireman Sam, Noddy, Bob the Builder, Shimmer and Shine and loads more – whatever your child’s taste, I guarantee it will be catered for. It was also glorious to visit Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Dick Whittington, I’ve missed panto season (oh yes I have!) and this was just the tonic.

You can catch the show at many venues around the UK, is one of the hottest tickets for the kids and big kids in the family.

Milkshake! Live The Magic Storybook Tour ~ Stafford Gatehouse Theatre

Milkshake! Live is touring the UK theatres and you can find out where to see the Channel Five Television programme live on stage, here: Milkshake! Live

Star rating: *****

This show has been on my son’s radar since it’s regular advertising on Channel Five each morning. It’s a favourite of his and the selection of programmes all meet with his approval, so it’s win/win!

At each tour venue there are two of the Milkshake! presenters telling the story of The Magic Storybook with the help of backing dancers and other familiar television favourites. We had Derek and Olivia leading the magic in Stafford and their energy could not be faulted, it was clear that the vast majority of the young audience were well aware of who they were and that alone engaged them straight away.

The story which features Milkshake! Monkey at the hub, revolves around the Monkey’s quest to become a fairy tale Prince and to have his story forever captured in a magic book. Along the way he encounters television characters such as; Fireman Sam, Wissper, Shimmer and Shine, Noddy and Winnie and Wilbur to name a few. Each character features in a song, dance and the audience are encouraged to get up and get involved.

Yes, this show works because there are so many television characters that it blows the young minds of the gathered crowd, but it’s also a simplistic story with a message at the heart of it. Plus every character that’s introduced is also providing a message for the children.

My three year old plus one and I were thoroughly impressed with this fun extravaganza and recommend the show to everybody – whatever your age!

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