Neighbours: Hit and Run ~ Review

Welcome back Chloe Buckles, guest reviewing her beloved soap operaNeighbours for me and in this case she’s selected the late night special! Here are her thoughts…

If you were a solid watcher of Neighbours in the 90’s then Monday evening’s 10pm one-hour special of the UK’s favourite Australian soap was the place to be without a doubt! Nostalgic, with some familiar faces of ex-cast, the show put on its best impression of a movie and encouraged us to get reminiscent of the 1990’s.

We kicked off with a Spice Girls intro instead of the usual opening titles, starting up the full themed 90’s party atmosphere as we headed off into Toadie’s (Ryan Moloney) 21st birthday party, seeing the return of familiar faces Stu Parker (Blair McDonough), Lance Wilkinson (Andrew Bibby) and Stonie Rebecchi (Anthony Engelman) – dressed as Teletubbies, naturally. Toadie won the party of his dreams from Lassiters, and of course the whole neighbourhood was invited! Plus there was an appearance from fan favourites Angie and Big Kev (Lesley Baker and Don Bridges)! There were some excellent costumes, but I enjoyed Paul Robinson’s (Stefan Dennis) “I came as myself in the 90’s” and Gary’s “a man in his 90’s”. The party atmosphere was somewhat disrupted though, by Stu who had a message to give to Toadie from Sindi (Marisa Warington) – the co-conspirator on the whole Andrea/Dee plot a few months back. When Toadie did catch up with Sindi, it was to be told that Andrea is back in town, watching him and wants to speak to him. I can’t imagine Sonya (Eve Morey) is going to be happy about that.

Unless you’ve been under a rock over the last week you won’t have missed the big news that Izzy Hoyland (Natalie Bassingthwaighte) is back in town, and she made her usual dramatic entrance – being knocked over by a car, that Susan (Jackie Woodburne) was driving! Karl (Alan Fletcher) and Susan have been picking at each over and bickering of late, ever since Karl returned from Thailand with a smuggled durian fruit and tried to pass the smell of it off on Susan at customs. Bad move Karl. Since then we’ve watched the couple bicker over the smallest of things and Karl become obsessed with wanting to be involved with a new wing being built at the hospital. In fact, in this episode, he’s cleared out the couple’s retirement fund. Susan is understandably cheesed off! Now, with Izzy’s return, are the couple set to hit to rocks over her, yet again? Izzy definitely manages to cast a spell over Karl in this episode, making him question whether Susan was in a fit state to drive after their disagreement. And it quickly becomes apparent when Izzy’s discussing with daughter Holly (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), that she has a plan up her sleeve involving the Kennedy’s. Izzy is definitely one of those characters you love to hate (or just love!) and having her back on the show is such a treat! As Susan said, “Isabelle has never done anything in her life without an agenda.”

Elsewhere, Tyler (Travis Burns) and Piper (Mavournee Hazel) aren’t in the partying mood with Tyler’s up and coming murder trial and have chosen to spend their last night in the city. Piper quickly confesses to Tyler that she has a plan – to go on the run! This move, to me, seems very out of character for Piper, who until recently was always very independent and unlikely, I think, to be altering her whole future for her boyfriend. But then, perhaps love makes people do silly things! Tyler is reluctant to agree but eventually concedes and the pair put on their (unconvincing) disguises to start their new life together. Elsewhere though, best friend Xanthe (Lilly Van der Meer) has had to admit that the pair are planning to run away and suddenly police helicopters are dispatched and Tyler and Piper are on a dramatic chase, desperate to get away. Tyler jumps a rooftop, telling Piper that she needs to go back to her family. However, Piper isn’t listening and follows him – leaving us all on a literal cliff hanger (or roof hanger). Will Piper manage to hold on? Or is it all over for her?

Overall, this episode left me wanting more – and it’s been a while since I felt that way about Neighbours. A fleeting appearance from newbie Rafael (Coronation Street’s Ryan Thomas) who it looks as though has unfinished business with Paul Robinson (who hasn’t…?) is just another small hook we were given into the up and coming weeks storylines. Personally I can’t wait to see what havoc Izzy is going to play on the Kennedy’s, and if we’ll ever see an end to the Andrea/Dee storyline – I’m still holding out hope that Dee is alive!

You can catch Neighbours at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.


Picture credits: Channel 5


*** Guest Blog by Chloe Buckles*** Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 29 May 2017

My guest blogger Chloe did so brilliantly with the last guest blog for Neighbours, that I have asked her to become my regular guest blogger for the show. Who better than a super-fan to have on board to add to the telly blogging here at Break A Leg? So, for your delectation here are her highlights of last week’s episodes:

A fantastic week in Erinsborough. A trip to the shed ended up in the newest Ramsay Street Resident arriving, whilst Sonya made a solemn exit from the Street. A dramatic mixed bag, I’m sure you’ll agree Here are some highlights…


Paige and Jack’s Shack ~ Apparently the ‘Love Shack’ has quite the hold on Paige as she is insistent she wants to revisit the place where her life changed. Yeah, I don’t get it either! With Susan and Piper in tow, they set off to the abandoned shed. But all is not well and Paige goes into early labour (rather quickly it would seem)! With Susan feeling increasingly unwell and Piper still recovering from the backpacker’s incident, all three of them are stranded and in great danger in the wilderness. Thankfully, help arrives in the form of guardian angels Dr Karl (of course) and Father Jack. Paige and Jack’s baby boy arrives – in a somewhat more dramatic fashion than your standard nativity but whilst we’re all breathing a sigh of relief, Paige falls unconscious and she’s rushed into hospital and straight into surgery, leaving Jack distraught at the thought of losing her. Confiding in Amy (a friendship I adore. by the way) he questions his future as a Priest (again!) and thinks it might be time to commit himself to Paige and his newly born son. Fast-forward a little while and Paige wakes to find mum Lauren by her bedside and the new mother and son finally get some time to meet and bond.

Susan’s been drugged! ~ Having offered to take Paige (and Piper) to the shack, Susan begins to feel unwell and woozy. She just about makes it as far as the shack, through the wilderness, to find out Paige is in labour. By the time she returns to the car she’s not looking so good and drifts in and out of consciousness, leaving poor Piper to drive to search for phone service. Once help arrives (the aforementioned guardian angels) Susan is admitted to hospital and tests done to determine whether she is suffering an MS relapse. When the results return it’s not MS Susan needs to worry about this time, but she appears to have been drugged! Everyone’s quick to assume a mistake has been made with her vitamins – that is until Elly hears the news, her mind jumps to just one person. But can she prove it?

Finn ~ We know he’s up to no good and playing dirty to get his way to the Principal’s job. So when Elly sets off to Sydney to dig up some dirt on Finn she finds it and assumes that he has a drug problem and that’s how Susan’s pills have been spiked. You’re way off the mark there Elly, but I’m more than ready for us to see Finn get his comeuppance. The only person on his side now is young and impressionable Xanthe, and it’s a manipulative relationship that certainly makes me feel very uncomfortable. The net is closing in, Finn! But who’s going to be the one to figure it all out?

Sonya leaves town ~ Having remembered that she is responsible for the Backpackers disaster, Sonya wants to apologise to all involved. However, her apology falls on deaf ears and there’s very little sympathy in the air for her situation. As Sonya gets lower and lower Toadie tries one last time to encourage her to give the two of them another go. In an honest, emotional and frank discussion they both admit their part in the situation – Sonya finally admitting that she railroaded Toadie into the surrogacy plan and takes responsibility for her part in the situation they now find themselves in. Concerned that too much has changed for anything to go back to how it was, Toadie tells Sonya they could leave Erinsborough together and tells her that he will always love her. But Sonya’s only heading to one place – rehab. Toadie is happy with this idea and it looks hopeful that the pair might reconcile. With half of the street watching on, Sonya departs. But when Toadie checks up on her later in the week, she’s checked herself out. With only one lead on where she might be (an old friend she knew in her previous life as an addict) Toadie is desperate to find her to stop her spiralling even further. Will he be able to convince her to come home?

Chloe blogs at: Inept Ramblings


Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 22 May 2017

Neighbours has wrapped up the Backpackers drama rather rapidly and it seems that Brooke is off on her travels again – how long for this time? We’ll see… Here are a few highlights:

Xanthe’s birthday ~ It’s all about Xanthe’s birthday and Mr Kelly buys her a necklace so expensive that she claims that she purchased it herself from her savings – how much did it cost? You can tell that Ben smells a rat now and that Xanthe has the hots for her teacher rather than the boy next door. Dangerous territory!

Gary’s engaged ~ Despite the best efforts of Brooke and her cronies (Sheila and Xanthe) making a play for her ex doesn’t come off and it takes a nose dive when he manages to convince Terese to marry him! It’s hardly a plain sailing engagement at this early stage, though – Gary is still suspicious of Paul and Terese knows that she’s stepped on Brooke’s toes. Will the hapless couple make it to the alter. I think not!

Bye bye Brooke ~ With Gary engaged to Terese and the door closed (for now) as far as a reconciliation is concerned for Brooke, she takes off again – this time to be with her daughter, Jessie. I’m sure I can’t be alone in wondering if Jessie is set to land in Ramsay Street and Brooke will continue to make a play for ‘her’ man. For now it’s bye bye honey bunch!

Sonya did it! ~ The Backpackers is still recovering from the tragic accident that landed Piper and David in hospital, and now we know whodunit! Sonya was on a drunken and misguided mission to help her Nelly Fish. It was quite distressing to witness the flashback which Sonya experienced before announcing that she was the driver responsible. Toadie is hell bent on keeping her out of prison and Steph and Mark have already tried to do their bit to cover up what they had long suspected. It’s going to be a tough long road ahead, regardless of the burned shoes (a strange choice of BBQ food.. !).

Toadie ~ I just want to take this ‘highlight’ to discuss Toadie, I feel that Ryan Moloney has come into his own as the years have moved on. Toadie must be like a second skin to him now. However, I will just say that the character we know and love doesn’t seem to have much awareness of the seriousness of his actions when it comes to his dalliance with fake Dee. Does anyone else feel that he is acting as though it should just be brushed under the carpet? Come on Toadie! Although I do think he’ll have his moment to shine now that Sonya is in trouble with the law.

For the cast click this link: Neighbours Cast

*** Guest Blog by Chloe Buckles*** Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 15 May 2017

Message from Helen: As you may or may not know – I’ve been on my holidays recently so I have been in desperate need of help to keep up with my favourite soap, Neighbours. Luckily, I have a rather gifted young writer in my circle who is a super-fan of the show and was happy to lend a hand to her mate! So without further ado, here’s Chloe Buckles and her guest blog…

It’s been a tough week on Ramsay Street, with broken hearts, mentions of divorce and horrible first-boyfriends to contend with.

Here are the highlights…

Sonya’s downward spiral continues ~  Things have gone from bad to worse for Sonya this week. After being unable to ignore Tim Collins’ sly digs at her she’s unable to resist the temptation of downing a bottle or two. Unfortunately, this time, it’s in front of her friends, fellow council members and a journalist for the local newspaper. Toadie is quick to confront her and airs his concerns over her ability to look after their daughter Nell. Later, when Sonya and Nell get hounded by the press after Sonya losing her job as mayor, Toadie suggest perhaps he should move back home to look after her and Nell and work to repair their marriage. And just when we all thought Sonya might give in she’s adamant she wants a divorce. With the prospect of fighting for her daughter, I’m interested to see how Sonya is going to cope in the coming weeks.

Terese dumps Gary ~ It’s hardly been the romance of the year, but Terese and Gary make a fun-loving and unique couple. However, with Gary recently having secretive meeting with ex-partner Brooke, Terese is on high alert. Confiding in Paul, she realises that the damage done by her ex-husband means that she just can’t handle Gary’s secretive behaviour and ends their relationship leaving poor Gary heartbroken and confused.

Pregnancy problems for Paige ~ With the news that her unborn baby is currently breech, Paige has a panic attack and confides in Jack that she could really use her mum (Lauren) around for support. In the absence of her mum Jack arranges for the collection of Ramsay Street residents (Sheila, Susan, Terese, Piper, Amy and Aaron) to pledge their support to Paige, calling themselves the ‘mum-tree’. With so much focus on Paige’s pregnancy problems lately, I can’t help shake the feeling that we’re in for a bumpy ride as her due date gets closer.

Finn ~ The longer he’s around for the more teacher Finn Kelly is giving everyone an uneasy feeling. Not only is he completely manipulating Xanthe and abusing his position of trust with her but he’s eyeing up Susan’s job as principal. Not content to simply keep his dossier of Susan’s poor performance, he was also researching MS and swiping Piper’s painkillers – he’s definitely up to no good and everyone is starting to smell a rat.

David’s out and proud ~ David’s recent revelation that he is gay to his family and friends has lead him straight into the arms of work colleague Will on his first date. It’s a shame that Will isn’t the good guy he appears though, and after over-hearing him on the phone showing absolutely no respect for David, Aaron has no trouble telling Will where to go. Do I detect a bit of jealousy in the air?

Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up – Week Commencing 8 May 2017

Ramsay Street has treated us to the on-going saga of The Backpackers, the continued plotting from Xanthe’s darling Mr Kelly and the on-going Brooke/Gary/Terese debacle also persists. Here are some highlights…

Finn’s dastardly plan ~ Finn’s plans are still in progress and he’s doing a fine job of backing both Susan and Elly into a corner. Planting exam papers and having his colleague snitch on Elly are just two of the ways in which he is pursuing his scheme. When will Mr Kelly be found out? When will Xanthe wake up to his true character? She’s already deemed Ben too immature for her… I foresee disaster!

The plot thickens ~ Brooke and Gary’s plot thickens this week as they continue with their secret plan to get Jessie back to be with her mum. When they’re spied in an interesting position by Susan and Elly, it’s clear that they’re not going to be able to keep this quiet for long. However, their plans are making headway, especially after a sneaky massage mix-up!

Necklace-gate ~ Paige has been wondering if Mark still has feelings for her and when a necklace presented itself on her table, her hopes were ignited further. Mark soon lowered the boom when he revealed that it was a rejected gift from Sonya, though. It looks as though the lid is firmly on Paige and Mark’s romantic relationship, now.

Piper panics ~ Piper is still undergoing operations following the disaster at The Backpackers. When Tyler fails to visit she’s paranoid that he’s ill equipped to deal with her situation – she’s wrong of course, but the foundations are laid out for a possible sub-plot. After all, Piper’s recovery is going to take time.

Paul’s fatherly offer ~ Paul is nothing if not trying! He’s trying to forge a relationship with Leo, and his latest move is to offer money to get The Backpackers up and running again. Leo dismisses the offer, but he might have to call upon daddy in the end. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, Leo! Even if it is Paul Robinson…

Neighbours Cast

Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 1 May 2017

Ramsay Street has very definitely seen it all this week, tragedy at The Backpackers, Finn steps up his campaign and drags Xanthe along with him – here are some highlights…

Tragedy strikes! ~ While Piper and David are minding their own business in the Backpackers, Amy’s ute ploughs on through and causes devastation in its wake. Who was in the driver’s seat is unclear – but both victims are in a bad way in hospital and Piper is going to be in rehab for a long time. Bad times!

Finn ~ Finn is becoming a looser canon by the second, Elly appears to have worked him out but Xanthe is falling foul of his charms and following a dangerous path. Just what is his game and is he really ill?

Sonya’s downward spiral ~ Sonya is continuing on her downward spiral and Mark is trying so hard to step in and put an end to it – he still harbours very strong feelings which are not reciprocated. I doubt that her attendance at AA is quite enough given the recent events that have affected this change in the once steady Sonya.

Terese’s torment ~ Terese is mithering in case Gary is heading back to his ex and her plan to fix Brooke up with Paul has failed. It’s not the case, of course, unwitting Gary is merely a pawn in Brooke’s game to get her daughter, Jessie, back – but Terese’s paranoia spirals out of control when her man presents her with flowers and Sheila’s words of wisdom resonate in her mind.

Paige’s predicament ~ Whether it’s because her hormones are flying around even more wildly than usual, or because she truly hasn’t lost her feelings for Mark – but Paige is falling for the love-lorn copper. Methinks she’s barking up the wrong tree!

Neighbours Cast

Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up – Week Commencing 24 April 2017

Ramsay Street has never shied away from running several storylines simultaneously and this week has been no exception! Here are some highlights!

David’s dilemma ~ David came out to his brother recently – yay! So he’s now trying to get to grips with his newly found openness. This has involved David making his feelings for Aaron abundantly clear and ensuing confusion. Fascinating that David has been able to confide in Paul, though – it seems that their father and son relationship is developing.

Mark to the ‘rescue’ ~ What is it with Mark and pregnant women? Obviously he had a vested interest when Sonya was expecting, but now he’s all over Paige like a protective partner. I’m afraid I had a snigger when he was lying on yet another bed with a woman he’s not actually involved with. Oh Mark!

Ben’s choice ~ Karl is still struggling with Ben’s change of heart, it’s obvious that a part of Dr K still wishes that Ben was following him into medicine instead. Whereas Susan would rather that her grandson had stayed at school. They’re gearing up to catch him when he falls, but will he?

Elly and Finn ~ Elly and Finn have rapidly become close again and they ultimately wind up in bed together, However, Finn’s perusal of Elly might not be wholly romantically driven. It seems that the new Deputy position at school is where his interest lies and he’s soon going behind backs to get what he wants, including ‘telling’ on Susan! This will not end well! He’s also creeping around Xanthe…

Terese and Brooke ~ Terese finally caves in and offers Brooke a job at the Spa. She is then devastated to discover that Brooke invented ‘the ladybird’. So, what’s the solution to feeling threatened by your new partner’s ex? Set him up with Paul Robinson of course… interesting consequences!

A link to the cast is below:




Neighbours ‘Ramsay Street’ Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 17 April 2017

I’m a little late with last week’s round-up, but here is the latest about last week’s Ramsay Street shenanigans:

Ben’s Career ~ Ben’s been taking advice from Mr Kelly and the verdict seems to point towards him leaving school early to take up a mechanic apprenticeship which will have a job at the end of it. Sounds pretty perfect to me, Ben. Although I think your granddad is just a teensy bit upset that you’re not following in his footsteps. You’ve taken your life into your own hands by suggesting to your Grandmother that you leave HER school early too!

Sonia & Mark – Rumbled! ~ Toadie’s brother, Shane and their mother arrive in typical boisterous Rebecchi style and Toadie is soon questioning Sonia and Mark about the nature of their relationship again after his brother mistakes Steph for Toadie’s wife. The mistake could be forgiven as Shane spotted Mark and Sonia kissing. One thing seems clear to me as this storyline progresses, Sonia does not love Mark – regardless of his feelings for her.

Sonia’s AA Visit ~ Sonia has been hitting the bottle again, kudos to her though, she has started to attend her AA meetings again. Let’s see if their support helps her through this… it’s sad to see her going off the rails again.

Brooke’s Job Hunt ~ Brooke is determined to hand around for her honey bunch, it seems and it willing to undertake a job, too. Of course there’s more to it, but first she tries to coax Piper into giving her a job at the coffee shop, eve attempting and failing to fix the loo in order to prove her worth. However, she soon has her sights set closer to home as she makes a beeline for Terese and a vacancy as a masseuse. Are they going to work together? I predict trouble if they do!

Back wax! ~ The reason for the vacancy in the hotel spa is due to the resignation of the therapist who had been booked to wax Gary’s back following a massage which Terese intervened. Poor Gary wasn’t anticipating a back wax, however, Terese was quite sneaky in planning it all, even administering the first strip herself – painful! Needless to say the entire back was not waxed in the end!!

A link to the cast list is below:




Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 10 April 2017

Ramsay Street is scarcely drawing breath after Brad and Lauren’s departure – proving that life does go on even after two major characters have left (OK, I’m still dwelling on this, I liked them, I miss them…) – here are a few highlights from a jam-packed week:

Back to the booze ~ Sonya (Eve Morey) hasn’t been sleeping, no surprise really with her miscarriage and witnessing her husband betraying her. However, the demon drink has beckoned to her and it looks as though it’s taken a hold when she answers the door to Mark (Scott McGregor) with a bleary eyes. It’s clear she’s suffering from a hangover. Slippery slope, Sonya!

Sonya & Mark ~ Sonya and Mark have been on the brink of moving their friendship forward for a while, now. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is already suspicious of the pair. It appears that they are about to take the step that we’ve seen coming when a kiss is initiated, while they’re both lying on Sonya’s bed. However, Sonya puts a stop to it! Surprisingly, I have to say – unsurprisingly, Mark is put out. However, I still can’t ‘see’ them as a couple and Mark is actually irritating me with his pining for what I don’t think he should be having!

Brooke’s back! ~ Brooke (Fifi Box) reappears in Ramsay Street, seemingly after Sheila’s (Colette Mann) drunken message asking for her to return! However, although she claims to be back for her daughter, Xanthe (Lilly Van Der Meer) – a text from a mystery sender tends to suggest otherwise. Her return is not altogether a popular one, that’s for sure.

Leo struggles ~ Leo (Tim Kano) is struggling, not only with the news that his dad is Paul (Stefan Dennis) who is not his favourite person – what an understatement! He is also not finding it easy to move on from Amy (Zoe Cramond) wheras she seems to have coped with the news slightly more admirably. On the outside she looks as though she is coping with it, anyway…

Paul embraces fatherhood ~ Paul is delighted with the news that he is a father to David (Takaya Honda) and Leo. He embraces it and offers to take his ‘family’ out to dinner. David (who also comes out to his brother, which is met with a joyous response!) is also keen to give it a go, but Leo is going to take much longer to get on side.


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