Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 3rd April 2017

Ramsay Street has been rife with comings, goings and revelations this week. I’m so sad that Brad (Kip Gamblin) and Lauren (Kate Kendall) – they were fast becoming some of my favourites and now they’ve gone to the Gold Coast. At least the door is left open for them to return… Meanwhile, here are a few of the key moments from this week’s instalments:

Paul’s the daddy ~ Leo (Tim Kano) and Amy (Zoe Cramond) were getting rather cosy, extremely close for comfort given that us viewers were aware that some sort of incest would have been taking place if they’d gone as far as they almost did! Paul (Stefan Dennis) and Kim (Jenny Young) burst in at just the right moment. Conveniently, or imagine the fall-out? David (Tayaka Honda) also arrives at the same opportune moment and hears the revelation. Paul is their father, oh this is going down so well! I am rubbing my hands together with glee, anyway!

Easter extremes ~ Paige (Olympia Valance) and Jack (Andrew Morley) are not exactly the most popular ‘pair’ the neighbourhood, and wilful destruction of the Easter display in Harrold’s Café seems to point in the direction of disgruntled parishioners. Although it does transpire that a young kid who’s mother is disapproving and doesn’t allow him to have chocolate had just decided to steal an egg and ended up with a landslide. Is this an end to the problem the parents to be face? I doubt it!

Terese vs Sheila ~ Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) puts Gary (Damien Richardson) in a bad mood when she appears to be siding with Sheila (Colette Mann) over him. However, when his new beau’s plan is revealed, he can see the sense in her agreeing with his mother from time to time. Playing the game there, Terese!

Sonya & Mark ~ Sonya (Eve Morey) is having sleeping problems, naturally and Mark (Scott McGregor) is also awake and texting his ex-surrogate. His message prompts the a grieving Sonya to hop across the road and spend the night at his house. Toadie (Ryan Moloney) jumps to conclusions of course, but will Sonya and Mark really head for a full blown romance? I just don’t see it!

Farewell (I hope it’s Au Revoir!) ~ So long, farewell to Lauren and Brad, fast becoming firm favourites of mine. It doesn’t really feel like the right time for them to exit so I hope this isn’t the last we’ll see of them. They’re leaving Paige behind for starters so I am keeping my fingers crossed that a visit to their grandchild will be good enough reason to bring them back when the time is right. I shed a tear when they left, I won’t lie… sob….





Neighbours Ramsay Street Round-Up ~ Week Commencing 20th March 2017

Ramsay Street and London have been the settings for last week’s episodes and they were some of the most harrowingly squirm-worthy and dramatic episodes to date. Here are the highlights, it’s been difficult to pick just a few:

Mark’s dream….

Dee Discovered ~ What could be worse than travelling to London to track down your presumed deceased wife, and your newly discovered daughter? Sleeping with your presumed deceased wife, in front of the online call that you failed to disconnect, the call that you had just engaged in with your wife? Oh and after that horror, of which Toadie (Ryan Moloney) is already ashamed of, that’s before he knows about Sonya’s (Eve Morey) viewing experience – you then find out that Dee (Madeleine West) is not Dee, but Andrea. A friend of Sindi Watts (Marisa Warrington) who had met the stand-in Dee and encouraged this whole debacle to start. It’s Susan (Jackie Woodburne) who has started to suspect foul play, the discovery from Sindi’s mobile phone that Dee is also known as Andrea sent the nosey neighbour on a quest to uncover the truth. Cutting to the chase, Toadie has landed himself in hospital having run out in front of a vehicle in panic following his exploits. Then just to add insult quite literally to injury, in strolls Karl (Alan Fletcher) with news of Dee’s true identity. What a pickle! Plus Toadie finds out that Sonya knew about his misdemeanour, because she saw it begin to unfold. Arrrrgggh!

Sonya ~ What more can I say except… Sonya? The poor love has not only witnessed her husband getting it on with an imposter, but in heart-breaking scenes she ends up in hospital and the unthinkable happens. Mark’s (Scott McGregor) baby is lost. I have to applaud Morey for an amazing performance, she has surpassed herself throughout the recent plot-lines.

Mark’s dreams ~ Prior to the tragic loss of his baby, Mark is lying on the bed with Sonya (the fact of which Nel has already reported to her dad over the phone) and while Sonya is dreaming of a happy reunion with Toadie, Mark is dreaming of declaring his love for her. Will Mark confront his feelings?

Elly side-lined ~ Elly (Jodi Anasta) is already on the rampage when it comes to Finn (Rob Mills) and his re-appearance in her life and in the school she works in. However, he is set to tread of her toes again as he charms his way into Xanthe’s (Lilly Van Der Meer) good books and she chooses him as her new tutor to help her with Science. Of course he offers to help with English too which sees off Miss Conway. Beyond angry with the situation, Elly confronts him, but one things for sure, he’s not going anywhere soon.

Break A Leg Awards 2017 ~ I’d just like to take this opportunity to announce that Chloe Buckles, one of our assistants for this year’s Break A Leg Awards has nominated Eve Morey for the long-listed Best Actress on Television nominations. Short-listing takes place in the autumn so there’s a while to go before it is decided if she will be in the running for the award. However, if she is short-listed you can vote for her in the public vote, details of which will be announced nearer the time.


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