Weekend Watch List ~ 24th & 25th March 2018

Telly at the weekend is a must for all of us at Entertainment Views HQ, we all enjoy a relax in front of the box and last weekend there was plenty to keep us all entertained. Here’s a few of the top picks from our chilled out couple of days as couch potatoes:


This is usually the start of our weekend, Saturday morning kids television and I love it as much as my little boy does! Milkshake! is a great ‘magazine’ style show which includes an episode of a number of different children’s television favourites. Thomas the Tank Engine, Peppa Pig, Noddy, Shimmer and Shine, they’re all there keeping the smallest member of the family amused. The presenters are all bubbly, energetic whirlwinds, Amy Thompson is the favourite in our house, though.

Pointless Celebrities

Grange Hill week on Pointless Celebrities! I think this should be a monthly thing, it was fantastic to see all the old favourites, including Mr Robson who hasn’t changed one iota. An amazing episode and worthy winners, too.

The Voice UK

I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and I have no idea who will win, there’s no front runner in my humble opinion. Some of the judges’ picks for the final have been a surprise, there are three artists in the final line up who may appear too similar to one another and therefore would they stand the best chance? If I were to back a team at this point? Team J Hud!


Robyn (Amanda Henderson) and Glen (Owain Arthur) got married and then tragedy struck! Argh!! I suppose it was always going to head in that direction when the episode kicked off with Glen having a scan due to his worsening condition. At least the pair made it up the aisle without a hitch… almost. It was certainly a lovely moment with Duffy (Cathy Shipton) and Charlie (Derek Thompson) part of the big day. I know there’s been plenty of excitable fan comments about the ‘selfie’ that Duffy insisted on, too!

The Durrells

I’m late to the party with this one, The Durrells has long been a favourite of my husband’s however I’ve really got on board this series. I like the comedy elements and the absurdity. The location is pretty extraordinary too. I now need to binge watch the episodes I’ve missed. See you on the other side! I have a connection to the show because I have visited Jersey Zoo many times as a child so I’m delighted to have ‘discovered’ this.

Weekend Watch List – 10th & 11th March

My weekend television watch list is ever growing and the amount of programmes backed up on the planner is ridiculous (I’m fighting for space on the Sky box! First world problems!!). So here’s my must-see shows from last weekend which made it past the catch-up stage:

Pointless…Picture shows: Alexander Armstrong

Pointless Celebrities

I love Pointless because I’m a quiz-a-holic – and Pointless Celebrities always ticks the box for me, not least because some of the contestants they pull out the bag have often been missing form our screens for a while. Although one of the finalists last week included recent Strictly Come Dancing revelation, the lovely Debbie McGee. I’ve not yet found myself a pointless answer, but the time will come!

The Voice UK

The final week of battles and it was a tense week. The fact there were no steals left throughout most of the episode was quite a feat to face for the contestants. I agreed with each of the judges’ choices though and thought Will.i.am had a fantastic steal. I can’t wait for the knock outs now, I have no idea who might win it. J Hud does seem to have one of the best teams though.


The mystery blogger has been at the hub of recent goings on in Holby and Jac (Rosie Marcel) was soon on the warpath on behalf of Serena (Catherine Russell), kicking Ethan (George Rainsford) up the backside to try and get a result. Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny) is rather like a rabbit in the headlights when Ethan asks her outright, although she denies it. However, it’s not long before she’s confessing and Ethan is unimpressed. I foresee more trouble ahead!

Dancing on Ice

Torvill and Dean back on the ice together? Glorious! Max Evans not making it to the final? disappointing (he had all my votes). Brooke Vincent in the final? A remarkable journey for that girl and she deserved to be there. Jake Quickenden winning? Amazing! The right choice and he really has had an incredible journey. I’ve loved Dancing on Ice!


Hold the Sunset

I’ve enjoyed this, more so for the supporting characters though – and of course the mighty Alison Steadman. Although I feel the central storyline is flimsy and whimsical, it’s Queenie (Anne Reid) and Roger (Jason Watkins) that are holding my attention. It’s an easy-viewing comedy though and definitely belongs on a Sunday evening.

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