Casualty ‘Five Days’ ~ Episode Review

An emotional episode of Casualty, indeed! We had five daily snippets of Robyn’s (Amanda Henderson) world as her premature baby daughter fights for her life. Here are some key moments from yet another extraordinarily powerful instalment of my favourite medical drama:

Picture Shows: Dr Jonathan Barling (SIMON SHEPHERD) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Six weeks early ~ Robyn’s baby is in a critical condition in neo-natal having arrived in the world six weeks early. To start with Robyn is remarkably chipper and a concerned Duffy (Cath Shipton) is at her heels and offering to take care of both her and the baby. As the week progresses we see Robyn become progressively unglued. The vlogs that she makes become more teary and less positive, it’s a horrific journey to watch. Even Connie (Amanda Mealing) finds it difficult to be entirely positive for the new mum, although he words do help. That was a beautiful scene, rarely do we see these two characters in a two-hander scene. More of that please!

Baby Charlie ~ In a heart-warming move, Robyn names the baby Charlotte – Charlie for short. Named after Charlie (Derek Thompson) of course. Unfortunately, the tender moment doesn’t last for long as Robyn goes off on the rampage demanding to see David (Jason Durr) who is sedated on one of the wards. Pushing Charlie out the way and to the floor. This is going to be your new housemate, Charlie – not looking quite as attractive a proposal now is it? Not that he was 100% behind Duffy’s rather spur of the moment offer, anyway… to begin with anyway!

Picture Shows: Lisa Duffin (CATHY SHIPTON), Charlie Fairhead (DEREK THOMPSON) – (C) BBC – Photographer: Alistair Heap

Little Fighter ~ An operation on the little mite would be such a high risk decision as Dr Barling (Simon Shepherd) makes clear, however that’s what it comes to in the end. With Duffy over-seeing proceedings. It’s a moment of joy when the tiny baby ‘decides for herself’ and wakes up. There’s a long road ahead for Robyn, but she’s got so much support around her and it looks like she is going to move in with the newlyweds after all. Enjoy those sleepless nights, Charlie!

Chuffy ~ I think we have to take a moment to reflect on how sweet Chuffy (Charlie and Duffy) were, it was kinda nice to hear him call her Mrs Fairhead. He then made a gorgeous little speech to her about wanting what she wanted and even I can see he’s right when he says that their love transcends romantic love. I really believe it was the right decision to marry them off.

Jez & Louise ~ It looks like its full steam ahead for Jez (Lloyd Everitt) and Louise (Azuka Oforka)! Are they a long-term prospect? We’ll wait and see, will she be able to deal with him being bisexual – more proof of which we’ve seen over on Holby City?


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